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Manuel K / Press

"Absolutely wonderful songs & vocals Manuel, keep up the really excellent work, you are a very gifted and talented artist..."

Robert Steven Hunt - ReverbNation Artist

"Back to guitars" is brilliant!..."

NewTribeZ Radio - ReverbNation

"EXCELLENT music, vocals and guitar. Well done!"

buchanproductions - ReverbNation Artist

"You have a really good voice, and I will see you at the top someday..."


"...I enjoy your epic songs. You are a great instrumentalist..."

As I Die Trying - ReverbNation Artist

"i like tonight & the everything inside of it (ur voice, the music) kinda remind me of the Killers, but it's still not the same. it's simple, sincere...liking it..."

Isa Raja - ReverbNation Artist

“Excellent songs, very melodic and gorgeously done.”

Mark Raven - ReverbNation Artist

"Awesome lead guitar in Back to Guitars..." / "Great passion in your song Tonight. very beautiful rhythm and nice guitar solo."

kenny heroux - ReverbNation Artist

"Great energy in your singing and ideas for these songs and wonderful guitar playing as well!"

Heleana Maria - ReverbNation Artist

"Enjoying "Tonight" tonight. Very moving song and vocal..."

Chuck Brunicardi - ReverbNation Artist

"Nice job on your solo project! The vocals and instruments both sound fabulous..."

Stephanie Lee - ReverbNation Artist

"simply brilliant song you've created with "tonight"..it's got a real 80's/The Waterboys vibe to it..love the vocals and really dig that tremolo guitar..a brilliant, poptastic track!"

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation Artist

“Superb production on Tonight Manuel!! Great ballad as well... And Back to Guitars makes a refreshing contrast... sweet guitar...”

Andrew Austin - ReverbNation Artist

“...fabulous songs Manuel :) very catchy and great instrumentation and arrangements..enjoyed !!!...”

Hillbilly Dix - ReverbNation Artist

“...‘Tonight’ *wow* amazing voice ur music brings great deliverance, you sing this song with great passion raising the musical temperatures straight to the heart ❤ ✿ܓ production n lyrical content *awesome* *awesome*!! you have rounded my evening off with ur magnificent song ‘Tonight’ with great satisfaction. ur song must go to my favs ♪(^_^)♪ *thank you* ❤ ✿ܓ !!...”

Belinda & Co - ReverbNation Artist

"Tonight" will bring you to your knees Manuel. Thank you for a classic beauty..."

Ecologyngle - ReverbNation Artist

"You got that Fender sounding pretty cool.. Great vocals,passionate singing.."

CHRISY D - ReverbNation Artist

"...excellent with very impressive performance!!"

Jean Vivace - ReverbNation Artist

"Awesome songs! Really like it. Feels like I'm in the 80s. I love that feeling.. Awesome awesome!..."

Dustfingernail - ReverbNation Artist

"Wow! "Back to Guitars" is a great track!..."

Faber - ReverbNation Artist

"Great song!! I'm a fan!!"

"Tonight" wonderful lyrics, heartfelt vocals!"

Kim Guthrie - ReverbNation Artist

"Back to Guitars is a nice piece of music!! Great guitar!!"

Anja & Makayla - ReverbNation Artist

"I'm listening to Tonight. What a beautiful song. Very powerful. Wow, you played all of the instruments? Great work!"

Rose Lisa - ReverbNation Artist

"Tonight" is full of singing passion! Outstanding!"...

LeonB. - ReverbNation Artist