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Maniax Unltd... / Press

“When I was A kid Freddy Krueger was my idol, Was Never Suicidal, Til I smoked the bible. Now I pace up & down the hall.. with my voodoo doll, it pissed me off so I pinned him to the wall!”

Buddy Sweets

“They're Trending lately.. (Sort of)”

Justinsane's Old Lady

"These Damn Shadow Ninja's are all fucking Cops man!!"

Dispicable Dez

"My Sunshine" is getting to be an old song now.. Ten years and I still haven't seen my Daughter. I wonder if she's heard it..


"What do you Rep the Game? Or yourself?"

Buddy Sweets

"Bitch I have A MILLION kids.. Want 'em on your FACE!!??"

One of those Bitches

“All I need is a beat, a pen and a page... a microphone and an open stage yeah...”

Joshua Samuel

“Slut fuck rape... How ya gonna say no with all this duct tape?”


“Too many gods in rap so i have no faith, maybe i should take my ass to pastor Ma$e”