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Mandy Lauderdale / Press

"How to describe Miss Lauderdale of “Temptation Island” repute? (Oh, you thought we forgot? Never.) A fine-featured Atlanta belle turned scandalous by New Orleans dixieland? A New York stage gypsy determined to scratch her way into the national limelight, one sculpted fingernail at a time? An accomplished vaudevillian who can turn any page from the songbook into a novelty number? All of the above? Lauderdale’s is the most theatrical cabaret act I’ve witnessed in Austin, replete with audience participation that would make Zach director Dave Steakley blush with envy. Let’s see, she set up a kissing booth, staged a toenail-painting session, shimmied with her mom and sis, blasted “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” with an endearing clown in a kilt. Come to think of it, she’s like an early, less raunchy Bette Midler, caressed by class. Her material is shaded light blue — woman-proud, man-crazy, faintly campy. Lauderdale, you’ve got it."

Michael Barnes - austin360.com

"When Mandy Lauderdale extends an invitation to a show, you can trust you’ll get a little more than with most performers. In the grand cabaret tradition, Lauderdale's shows completely obliterate the fourth wall, incorporating audience members as cameos, costars, and accomplices in every number. When the lights go down and the show heats up, the entertainer is as likely to be found sitting on the lap of one of her spectators as she is tickling the nose of her keyboardist (with a feather boa, of course). Wherever she is, Mandy Lauderdale is certain to be reinvigorating the vamp persona with her singular take on cabaret."

Kira Matica - Austin.com

"I Done Done It is a successful debut of what Mandy Lauderdale has to offer. Much of its seductive nature carries over from her live performances, which are famous for their, um, visual appeal and audience interaction. Tough to capture on audio CD, but this is as close as it gets. Blatant come-ons to the horn section help."


"This Austin-based cabaret singer knows how to stir up a crowd in the right way. With her seductive vocals and über charming personality, this gal puts the 'show' in showbiz."


"On the stage prowled a brash and sultry redhead who seemed to be hosting a roast for Austin fashion of yesterday and today while making, as she said, half the audience uncomfortable. As the saucy, silly and sexy Lauderdale lampooned Botox’d cougars, designers on Xanax, and all of the stuffiness I was worried I’d encounter (and generally didn’t), the night found its groove. Lauderdale’s sharply crafted — and at times spontaneous — needling of the crowd and awards participants unfortunately highlighted the stiffness of some of the presenters, who were understandably not up to the task of performing in her shadow. Maybe next year the presenters will get writers to help them keep up with the good-looking Bette Midler-Judy Tenuta hybrid."

Matthew Odam - austin360

"The Fashion Awards were leavened by wickedly funny cabaret artist Mandy Lauderdale, whose baby-blue act proved perfect for the occasion and the crowd. Lauderdale’s onstage persona, which includes various alter-egos, gave the occasion, much tighter than last year’s ceremonies, a winking maturity, as if suggesting: “OK guys and girls, have fun, but there’s more to the world than meets a twentysomething’s eye …”

Michael Barnes - austin360

"Is that a heat wave coming though Austin? No, it’s just Mandy Lauderdale. This cabaret siren is never boring."

Good Day Austin/Fox 7 News

"The talented, gorgeous, sweet and incredibly fun Mandy Lauderdale has just released her first album. She’s been teasing the boys (and girls) for a few years now with her sassy old-meets-new-not-quite-burlesque-one-of-a-kind performances in Los Angeles, NYC and now Austin, Texas. Check her out or buy her album here. Better yet, go to Austin and see her live. You’ll never forget it."


"I ♥ Mandy Lauderdale. HOT, HOT, HOTTT!!!! And quite hilarious... I love how she takes quiet, witty stabs here and there at anyone and everyone (deservingly). You NEED to have her at your next party, get-together, Bible study-anywhere you want to be a little less lame and impress everyone. Listen up (especially you less blessed dudes reading "The Game" to get laid): Mandy is fiery, spicy, witty and delivers it all with an incredible voice and a *little extra.* Nobody forgets a Mandy experience. She's the world's greatest performer. A lil Laudy makes you smile, laugh, love and improve the quality of your life! Mandy is a genuine sweetheart with ridiculous talent and brass balls. She can get away with anything because she's so loved and fearless!"

Tiffany Harvey - Young Execs of Austin

"Mandy Lauderdale might just be Austin's best lounge act. I am still plucking feathers out of my dinner jacket. :-) An accomplished vaudevillian, dazzling singer, and improvisational comedian, my table had the best time of the night I have no doubt. Mandy is a can't miss show."

Patrick Bennett - Artstrada Magazine