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“... you really must see her perform some where, anywhere! Her music is of Love, Life, Loss and so much more, Indeed a spiritual journey, as if you were walking in her shoes. I can reach out and touch the very soul of her muse as I listen. We are all indeed blessed to have such a wonderful and talented soul amongst us ...”

Wyse Wytch - Facebook

"Mama Gina is well poised to be one of the names brought up when discussing modern Pagan music. If there is such a thing as an “A” list of Pagan musicians, Mama Gina is well on her way to being in some very good company with The Undertaker's Daughter. This is a powerful album and she is welcome among the best." David Banach, The Magick Jukebox: Pagan Music and Media from Around the World witchesandpagans.com (3/2014)

“... fabulous, soul moving, earth shattering, chills-down-to-the-bone moving music. CRM comments on 1/24/2014 concert at The Self Center, Winter Haven, FL”

CRM - Facebook

“I can't believe Mama Gina is not famous. The music she writes flows out of her in a way that touches the listener, makes you FEEL. "Come Trance with Me" is my favorite song of all time. Mama Gina's music makes me laugh, cry, and sing out loud with joy.”

“… She's a fantastic story-teller, singer/songwriter in the vein of Joanie Mitchell and Joan Baez, but she also has a powerful, yet bluesy and sultry voice like Anne Wilson. Goddess Kiss'd demonstrates just how multi-talented Gina is … brilliant story-telling, comedy, tender moments and, of course, superb exemplifications of honouring deity. Song of Atonement touches my spirit, … The PSG Song and Flicker and Flame touch that part of me that revels in a fantastically vivid story with just the perfect amounts of humour sprinkled throughout. Goddess Kiss'd was a huge treat to listen to and I look forward to hearing more and more from Mama Gina.”

“Mama Gina is Goddess Kiss'd ... Mama Gina gives her listeners a taste of the divine and the humorous with her debut CD. From the first track “Summer of the Fae” I was hooked. ”Summer” shows Gina’s light side while “Come Trance with Me” shows her spiritual side. “Sisters Waiting” will bring a tear to your eye and “The PSG Song” will leave you laughing. “Come Trance with Me” is a wonderful little piece to help get you in the mood for meditation, exercise or ritual. It will soothe the spirit just enough to get you into that perfect start of a trance state. Or, you can just listen to it to listen to it. “The PSG Song” is very fitting for anyone who has ever attended a large outdoor Pagan festival that has the freedom of body that PSG and other similar festivals do. It could almost be renamed the “Pagan Festival Song” and fits right along with Loke E. Coyote’s “Pagan Polka”. ...”

“Oh, what a night! When the rain came the shop began to fill, and fill. Would there be enough seats? A woman who at first didn't purchase a CD because she hadn't heard of Mama Gina, asked the person next to her to hold her seat as she slipped out to purchase her CD. A couple who could "only stay for about 30 minutes because of a prior commitment" wound up staying for the entire concert, bought two CDs, gave us their email address so we could "let them know when she returns again." We had a drawing at the end of the concert for ticket holders. One of the winners asked if she could trade her gift for a CD...LOL! People were commenting on how they felt transfixed during the concert, how they were held spellbound by the presence of the Gods, how through her story telling they were able to understand they too can know them on a very real personal and spiritual level. Thank you for sharing your bright spirit-filled Soul Gina, the experience was amazing.”

Maya on concert at Raven Faerie - Facebook

“[Mama Gina spent] ... the better part of two hours entrancing her audience with her music, spurning laughter, love and at times even tears, as we journeyed with her down the road singing of birth, life, unity, and even a celebration of those lost to us. Switching easily from guitar to djembe to two different frame drums, the music and the voice blend went in all different ways for each song, with each as diverse and different as the last. Seemingly one with the instruments and the songs, she performs music that touches the heart.”

“I had such an amazing evening with such beautiful souls at Mama Gina's concert tonight. Every song was so enchanting. Spirit has a beautiful way of blessing us with gifts to express our Divine nature; Mama Gina is one of spirit's great outlets for magical music and enchanted storytelling.”

Samantha D. - Facebook

“She's got a pagan Ani Di Franco vibe to her. ♥”

Heather S. - Facebook

“Great soulful vocals, Mama Gina! Deep spiritual insight. Peace.”

Lojah, ReverbNation artist

“Great Music...A Pleasure to Listen To. Keep Up The Great Work!”

Rocky Rogers Project, ReverbNation artist

“Great show!! she took us the full circle... laughter, tears and joy!!! A true artist!!”

B Mullins on Brighid's Fire concert

“This is really beautiful and genuine music. Loving it !!!”

Monica Dupont, Reverbnation Artist

“Passionate, emotional, all around phenomenal music. Thank you for sharing your soul.”