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Maloa Warriors / Press

“Hey guys.. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. This is one of the most unique productions I have heard on reverb! A definate entertainment piece that keeps ya listening. Awesome creativity that will capture the listener and "real" them right in.. Congrats on "(who are) The Arachnids From Uranus"...”

Chrissy D - Teen Record Review

“Bleiben Sie ruhig, sie wollen nur spielen... hillarious! Who are all those great guys having joined your all stars ensemble, derek? Oh well, i hear the usual suspectives and some new aces spelled with an L or without. A great multi-cultural collab. I'm enjoying the jazzy mood and the scat vocals as I do the funny narration. Congrats to all you brave warriors...”

Kappi Baby - The Duckledorffer Kloud Watcher

“Maloa Warriors news channel:::)) A musical way of transmitting the news. KEEP YOUR EARS ATTACHED TO THE SPEAKERS. Never been to Uranus yet and thank you for letting me know about the Arachnids.Now I think I'm going to take my vacation on Mercury. I hope it won't be too hot, though I like tropical weather...”

Sharon "Big Mama" Rachman - The Alien Examiner

“Arachnids from Uranus have arrived. They are dancing in the fields of tall grass, and they are influenced by cuban music. Da boi be trippin'...i'm tellin' you now...i want some of whatever it is (He's) fillin' that bong up with. I've just been reminded of how much fun can be had making music. (Maloa Warriors) and (Their) international entourage of Lace, Ace, Raquel and Throdgie have started my weekend off with style. Maloa Warriors rule!”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“LE RONCA, another fantastic song from the hit factory around DA BOI-DERINHO!”

SY99 - The Alien Examiner

"Le Ronca El Mango" is a fantastic track! I love the energy and jazzy feel to it. The tempo changes are crazy great, too. Awesome work...

Delaney Simpson - California Cutie Magazine

"Le Ronca" is a prototype of where music should take the Listener. A creative weave of sounds, transitions, melodies, and beats, that pleasure the ear...

BigD - The Soul Man Review

“Le Ronca El Mango ~ I like it.......said the Alien...”

Andrew Austin - The Groove Animal

"Le Ranca El mango" cool, hip, new track, I could hear this on the dance floors for sure, wow, so many talented artists on this song, it's crazy! (Maloa Warriors) rule!

Kim Guthrie - Downbeat Magazine

“Quien esta trastornado?? Quien viene tras el tornado? (Le Ronca El Mango) Love the sound, the vocals, the production, the derinho touch, the great guitar by el Maestro, this incredible last part - you're are my band for new year's eve!”

Fernando "El Fer" Garcin - The Paella Valenciana

“Doin a club crawl with "Mango." Perfect soundtrack for smuggling another shipment after dark. It even gets better in the last third; couldabeen rollin on the "Magic City" soundtrack, truth.”

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

“Ahhh! Le Ronca El Mango - it was worth the wait for this gem. The vocals are stellar, and I love the way the instrumentals just wrap themselves around the center heartbeat…”

Sharon Hedrick - The RaChaCha Alien Examiner

“What a great new Mango Tango! Hey, (Maloa Warriors) are on chilling dancefloor dope, nope? :) ... ah ... now the beat and tempo change. Very cool! This speed rather fits my generation. I can not explicitely cherish one of (the) warriors, since (they) all did a great job. A perfect mix of catchy ideas and yet not forgetting about some most welcome experimental elements. Hmm... Thanks for the great entertainment...”

Klaus "Kappi Baby" Kappes - Der Duckeldorffian

“Listening to (Le Ronca El Mango) now... -'Hit the record button' indeed… Really well produced stuff. Interesting one of (Maloa's) influences being 'Love Unlimited' - Barry White would definitely suit a lot of this stuff. A lot of top professionalism and a bit if fun in these tracks. Like it...”

Julian Wilson - The English Country Garden Review

“I always enjoy a nice ride through the souls of varied talented artists coming together for a unified cause. In this case, I know some of (The Maloa Warriors) individually, and none of (them) sound like the combined efforts of the Maloa Warriors. MW has it's own unique identity. And it's just as inspiring to hear what (they) do as a team as it is to hear what (they) do on your own… (Le Ronca El Mango #22's) a winner…”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“I see (Maloa Warriors have) put a new coat of paint on Zip It Up. So we now have Maloa Warriors' alt version to explore. Back in my day, they would stack 'em back to back on the LP, and within the parentheses, you might simply put Part 1 and Part 2. Later on, it became clearer that those distinctions should be called remixes. Either way you cut the cake, there are now 2 tasty slices of completely different textures to enjoy...”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“This version of "Zip it Up" is a seriously powerful and "out there" instrumental track. Audaciously produced and supremely enjoyable wiith echoes of Hendrix, Marc Ribot, Zappa ..but also underpinned with a Sly Stone funkiness...”

Peter MacCormick - Rolling Stoned Magazine

“Listening, loving, & liking… "Zip It Up (No Zoup 4u #8)" just as good if not better without the rap! It showcases some serious musicianship happening & what a bad ass tune Zip It Up serves up!”

Sur Rodenstein de la Noche - The Nashville Cat Fancy

"Zip it up" kind of turned (in)to a rather experimental "Zappa it up" version. Very cool! It's even a bit groovier now though i really love both versions...

Der Kapplemayer - Deutsche Bad Ass Magazine

“..."Horton and Louise"... (was like) jamming with (da boi), Quincy, Miles, Prince... Love the groove... it's (R&B) mood... It was a great pleasure to work on it... The mix is pure Maloa... AWESOME!!!”

Vincent Pablo - Dutch Axe Slinger Magazine

"Love Is The Drug" has nice flow and a cool and funky style... I like the combination of instuments...

Nix - Scandanavian Bad Ass Magazine

“(I Love) "Horton & Louise's Uptown Selector" and the funky jazz sounds on "Love Is The Drug"...actually, (The Flobe's) music is the drug and I'm addicted!”

Delaney Simpson - California Cutie

"Horton & Louise"... occupy a new dimension... the dimension of cool across the cosmic glide pattern...

Le Maestro du Jour - 200 Motels Magazine

“Horton & Louise's Uptown Selector is non stop action packed world funk, highlighted by a sizzling lead guitar, a thumping bass, and dissonant horns all working the pockets. A solid and steady beat coupled with a warm bed of keys holds it all together. Throw in a stimulating spoken word, and what you end up with is a genre that might be classified as world funk jazz with poetic license. Whatever you wanna call it...it's hot...very hot...it's on fire!”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

"Horton & Louise's Uptown Selector" is a funky, psychedelic throwback to a 70s Friday night house party. Could even be at Marvin's crib. It's a wild, sexy jam, perfect for gettin busy all night!

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

“(Maloa Warrior's) latest, "A Moment", is sprinkled with all the delightfully abstract elements that distinguish (their) music from the mainstream. Provocative lyrics, tasteful guitar passages, and attention to detail on the production end add substance and balance, making it another in the long line of winners that have emerged from (their) stable...”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“Enjoying the VERY different sounds in "A Moment"... - WOW!! Really dig the abstract levels of musicianship in this one. This is so wild - I can't even categorize what genre it belongs to!! ...LOVE IT!! ”

Scott Sullivan - The Seven Days

"A Moment" ...is a sexy song... thanks for the english translation. Great production and feel to the song also...

Kim Guthrie - The Ohio Player

“i got to give it up... for the dulcet mellow tones of the great "El Fer"... and vincenzooo doin' his got dang thang!!!!! oh yeah, you and throdgie are good too!”

Richard Marin - Rolling Stoned Magazine

“I love your new song *** A MOMENT *** It's very erotic...”

"Miss" Bonnie McGill - Canadian Cosmopolitan

“Listening to "A Moment" and letting its cool groove calm my... ...buzz...!”

Mrs. Maestro - Midwestern Living Magazine

“Soul Flower is masterful. Soulful, playful and full of fun little ear prizes. Maloa hits another bases-clearing homer.”

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

"I feel like i'm being mind controlled, i want to work with these fellows..."

Brian Eno - Rolling Stone

"... Maloa Warriors make me want to quit drinking... and start..."

Charles Bukowski - Chicago Tribune

"...atmospheric, yet classical, in a sense..."

Rex Reed - New York Times