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Maggie McClure / Press

“The young songstress invites us into her world with intimate stories about her life and the unrest that plagues it. However, her sweet voice and keen sense of melody are more on the sunny side of pop-rock, as she pens breezy atmospheres that are as dreamy as they are enjoyable. A pleasant mix of guitar versus key driven gentleness, she occasionally takes nods to the ’60s and certainly knows her way around a hook.”

“Singer/songwriter Maggie McClure is loathe to let time pass her by. The Norman native and now Los Angeles resident worked hard bringing new album “Time Moves On” to fruition. The Justin Glasco-produced record of nine new songs dropped earlier this week. McClure will be performing all these compositions and more at a CD release party scheduled for Feb. 21 at the Will Rogers Theatre in Oklahoma City. “This album is very dear to my heart,” McClure said. “The songs were written throughout the past few years with the majority just recently.” The process began about a year ago with writing new material, searching for a producer and developing an overall game plan. It wasn’t lost on McClure that she and partner Shane Henry had relocated to the entertainment capitol of the world that is L.A. Daily reminders of potential career opportunities, even when encountered randomly, impressed on her the need for any new work to be the highest caliber possible.”

“Maggie McClure isn't wasting any time. The Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and pianist is celebrating the release of her latest album, Time Moves On, and visited BFTV last week to tell us all about it. "I am extremely proud of this project for many reasons," she said. "The process has taken about a year from the time of writing to the time of releasing, [and] I am just extremely proud of every single song. I'm excited that my producer, Justin Glasco, and I were able to find a certain sound without even trying that hard. I'm proud of the fact that this album is just a natural progression from my album before. The production value, I think is very high. I'm just proud of it in every single way. From the songs, to the production, to my working relationship with Justin, to the musicians that played on the album, even to the artwork."”

“Maggie McClure is one of those transplanted L.A.-based artists who might make you wonder why you’ve never heard of her before . . . she’s that good. For those not up on all their indie artists, Maggie McClure is a singer/songwriter-musician who puts the focus more on sharing her personal life through her music as opposed to a detailed bio. Her upcoming February 2014 release is titled Time Moves On. On this 9-track recording McClure (lead and background vocals, piano and keyboards) musically chronicles her mental and physical travels from her home in Oklahoma to her base of operations here in California. The “Critic’s Choice” song from the album is “Central Time”. The song touches the heart and soul of anyone who left their home and family behind to follow their dreams and totally captures that fluctuation of feelings that can pull on in both directions. Check out Maggie McClure’s new album, Time Moves On, and you might find that you’ll be even “Closer Than Before””

“Maggie McClure sings with sweet innocence and profound insight at the same time. That's why we felt her song "Good Morning and Good Night," would be the perfect music to start our movie, Cowgirls 'n Angels.”

Timothy Armstrong - Cowgirls N' Angels Director

“One of those artists is Norman native Maggie McClure. Before she headed out to Los Angeles to pursue her music career she regularly played at venues around Norman. When McClure was asked to be a part of the Peace, Love and Goodwill show for the second time she was ecstatic to come home to Oklahoma for a charitable opportunity. “I was actually asked to play the benefit concert last year and it was an incredible experience and a huge success,” McClure said. “The other acts of the night were really great and it was just overall an awesome opportunity. I always have enjoyed being a part of events that help different charities and organizations and people in general.” McClure’s silky vocals and piano skills have landed her music in the movie “Cowgirls N’ Angels,” Oprah Winfry Network’s “Dr. Phil,” MTV’s “The Real World,” “Worst. Prom. Ever.,” “The Hills” and “The City,” as well as CBS’s “The Young and The Restless.””

“The audience for Christmas releases generally falls into two categories: love them or hate them. There’s no in between. Well, husband-and-wife musicians Maggie McClure and Shane Henry have not only created an enjoyable Christmas-themed record, but there is a good chance they will convert even the most stolid of loathers. McClure’s gorgeous vocals mix well with Henry’s soulful crooning, and whether they are singing sweetly about longing for each other more than anything else for Christmas on the title track, or simply wanting a kiss from each other on the mid-tempo “Kiss,” the sweetness and fun of these tracks shines through. Even when they get serious, as they do on the piano ballad “When I’m Home,” the sincerity is so pure you can’t help but nod along with them as they sing about the other person being “home” to them. As holiday albums go, this one is a peach.”

“Few at her age can say they have achieved as much as singer, songwriter and pianist Maggie McClure. Writing her own material since middle school, one of the Norman native’s original songs, “Good Morning and Good Night,” will be featured in its entirety during the opening credits of the motion picture Cowgirls n’ Angels, which was shot in Oklahoma and is scheduled to open Friday in limited release. Cowgirls n’ Angels director Timothy Armstrong said McClure’s song was perfect for the film’s opening. “Maggie McClure sings with sweet innocence and profound insight at the same time,” he said. “We were thrilled to be able to use Maggie’s song, ‘Good Morning and Good Night,’ over the opening credits. The song sets a perfect mood for the themes of the film: hope, redemption and the importance of family." “Having this placement in a film being released in theaters is my biggest accomplishment this far,” she said.”

“McClure called her whole band to the stage — which oddly enough included husband Henry on electric guitar. McClure and her band then proceeded to weave through a handful of old and new McClure originals. The vibe at The Brewhouse was personal and intimate, an atmosphere other acts hadn’t been able to achieve there in the previous two days. McClure’s songs shone in their Norah Jones-y, Jamie Cullum-ish tone — tasty key chord progressions sprinkled with addictive guitar licks. You couldn’t ask for much more from the four-piece band. The sound was full, the lows were driving and the highs were just flashy enough to keep your ears glued. Although the sound quality in The Brewhouse was a little less than pristine, McClure’s voice and talent were clearly evident. Having recently moved out to the Los Angeles area with Henry, McClure introduced a number of her songs that had been featured in TV shows and movies. ”

““Maggie traces her musical beginnings back to the age of 5 when her parents enrolled her in piano lessons. By middle school, she was singing and writing her own songs. Maggie is currently touring the country to promote her latest CD, Good Morning & Good Night. Her songs have been featured on MTV series The Hills and The City as well as CBS’sThe Young and the Restless. She also had the opportunity to perform “The National Anthem” at the first playoff game for the Oklahoma City Thunder against the L.A. Lakers in 2010. Just 24, Maggie has no plans to slow her touring and recording schedule. “My goals for the future are to keep pressing on, no matter what,” she says. “As far as I’m concerned, I will have failed only if I stop doing what I love.”””

“McClure writes her own words and music. “I come up with songs by sitting at the piano with a couple of lyrical ideas floating around in my head and just see where it leads,” she said. “It works best by accident when I come across a cool chord change for instance as opposed to concentrating on making a song happen.” She keeps a journal with poem fragments and inspirations that tend to come from everyday life, relationships and things that happen while traveling. Her songs have a personal tone and are emotionally expressive. “The songs are all real and very much a part of me,” she said. “A lot of writers can pull off making up a story really well, but for me there has to be a personal connection to what I’m writing about.” ”

"Singer/songwriter and Norman native Maggie McClure performed at Kennedy School onTuesday. She talked to children about doing well in school, following their dreams and music’s role in their lives. Fourth-graders will perform one of her songs, “Good Morning and Good Night” later this year."

“McClure has been laying the foundation for her career for nearly as long as she has been alive: performing, dancing and singing since preschool, and writing her first songs before hitting double digits. “I found the lyric sheet I wrote when I was, like, 8 years old. There was still the verse, chorus, bridge. It was crazy that I even knew song structure back then,” she said. “There’s a little more depth and maturity to it now, but you’ve got to start somewhere, I guess.” She recently appeared at Los Angeles’ MUSEXPO, the international talent showcase that helped introduce pop stars Katy Perry and Jessie J — drawing ever nearer to realizing her goal of being huge all over the world. “My wildest dream at 13 was to be famous, but I had no clue I’d be a singer-songwriter, playing piano and playing songs that really mean something to me,” McClure said. “Doing what I’ve been doing, I hoped it would happened, but never knew how it could. It’s pretty awesome.””

“Recently, I stopped in Rockwood for the Red Rover Social hosted by Red Rover Style but I was earlier than I thought the event was supposed to happen so I stuck around for the Maggie McClure show. OMG. I promise to never write that again in a story but she blew my mind away. She was able to capture me in the last 10 minutes of her show {more} than any other artist has in a while. Maggie's vocals remind me of Sara Bareilles, Katy Pfaffl aka Mighty Kate and A Fine Frenzy. Maggie just kicked off her fall tour and will be touring around the U.S.A. over the next few months. ”

"The new EP from Norman-based Maggie McClure was recorded & mastered in Nashville, but don’t expect hayseed twang. No steel guitar in any of these tracks. While McClure’s pretty soprano sounds child-like on the title song, it’s a very attractive introduction to a sweet set of tunes. McClure would be a natural performing at Lilith Fair, reminiscent of Lisa Loeb, Sarah McLachlan and more recently, the pop confections of Colbie Callait. Her music is soft & sensitive, and the lyrical subject is relationships. How many sopranos does it take to change a light bulb? Just one. She holds the light bulb, & the world spins around her."

"OKLAHOMA CITY -- Singer Maggie McClure of Norman and singer-guitarist Shane Henry of Oklahoma City will be putting on a benefit concert Saturday in conjunction with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."