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Madhatter Soup / Press

“What's up world its the one & only Wightman Ray Ray and I got to say man...Ghost Aka Madhatter Soup is str8 bangin jamz. I love the way he just step up to da mic and wreck it up Texas Style! He been around for awhile and been doin shows,puttin it down for his town! I am glad to have met him and we have done collabo action for my album and he once again tore it up on a freestyle session! I give mad props for him creating TUSS Tru/Texas Underground Super Soldiers and glad to be a part in this with him as well. I am Ray Ray and i approve that u get up get on the net and jam to my boy Ghost aka Madhatter Soup.....Believe Me U Will Enjoy! Sincerely, CMR(Convicted Music Records)-Ray Ray ”

CMR(Convicted Music Records)-Ray Ray

"I've had the oppurtunity to see Tank 17 live and this band is unique,and full of energy. I recently was also able to catch Ghost's hip hop act as well, Ghost-madhattersoup,has a energy that is very interactive with the crowd,his strong words, deliver a unique tongue twisting battle rap that connects with all people,whether it is his connection between recreational chemical's or good hype party music, or just straight forward story telling,you will find something that relates to you"

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