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made in bangs! / Press

“A highlight for me was their unique take on Radiohead's "The National Anthem", though I was surprised not a lot of people recognized it.”

“Becker and Steinke traded vocal duties. I wouldn't pick one over the other. They both had their own quirks... Byers wasn't a kind of drummer that shows off. He sticks to the beat and leaves no room for error.”

“At one point in the set, Becker did some sort of shimmy.”

“The first song saw Becker break away from his keyboard to blow on a horn at intervals. Why? I guess, "why not?" is the method of Made in Bangs.”

“Made in Bangs has always been a band on my radar, and it was time to see what their live show represented... When I took a look at Made in Bangs, I was quick to dismiss them as hipsters. Daniel Becker [keyboardist/vocals] was supporting tight red pants and haircut that would make Flock of Seagulls blush. Shane Steinke [guitarist/vocalist] was clad in a wooly sweater that either contained moose or caribous on it. Taylor Byers [drums] had on a wolverine t-shirt and a red bandana. I didn't know what to expect, because they came across as an experimental Vampire Weekend. ... as the set went on, I found a very talented band that may have seemed weird in the beginning, but once you get over the shock, they are a breath of fresh oxygen.”

“I'm not sure how to properly describe Made in Bangs but if you like bands such as The Unicorns or XX, you will probably dig on Made in Bangs.”