Maddy Rodriguez / Press

“Canadian musician Maddy Rodriguez won top honors at the 8th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) by winning the overall grand prize as well as the first prize in the Country category. Maddy received a total of 3 nominations...Maddy beat out other notable winners at the 8th Annual IAMA such as :Melissa Ferrick (former Atlantic Records artist, USA) who won Best Alternative Artist; The Wailin Jennys (Juno award winning Folk Group from Canada) who won Best Group; virtuoso guitarist Doug Young (USA) who won Best Instrumental.”

“Another one to watch: When Maddy Rodriguez defines herself, she does so without hesitation, saying simply: “I write songs.” For the Toronto-based singer/songwriter and recording artist, music means everything. “It’s life,” she adds. On her debut independent record, Don’t Be a Stranger, Rodriguez shares her musical and personal life with a 12-song set of acoustic guitar–based, country/pop that dwells on meeting every challenge and transition in life – large or small – head on and without regret.”

“Toronto Country/Pop artist MADDY RODRIGUEZ began singing almost before she could talk - and when she discovered songwriting at age 13, that's when music went from a hobby to being her life. She writes mostly on her own but the first song she ever co-wrote is called Falling Up... Listening to it, you can hear her talent for writing catchy music and great lyrics - and what a voice. I asked her what artist she'd like to record a duet with and she couldn't narrow it down to just one. "I have been a fan of James Taylor since I was a baby. I love him so much - he's my idol. In terms of contemporary artists, I'd love to do a duet with Zac Brown or Keith Urban." Maddy has written a beautiful song called All The Wasted Time which is about absent fathers - not a song that reflects her life but is something she sees that happens to people she knows. This song displays a maturity and understanding beyond her 17 years…She recently opened up for One More Girl at Brantford's Sanderson Centre. ”

“Before sitting down for her interview with OTM, Maddy Rodriguez has a request. Though rising pop stars her age are often rumoured to demand their favourite candy or drink during interviews, the 17 year old singer/songwriter simply asks to have the background music turned down, "I tend to listen to the music and then get lost with what I'm saying," says the pint-size brunette with a laugh...The singer's catchy singles are a hybrid of country and acoustic pop - that recognizable raw, natural sound untainted by the all-too-frequent Top 40 synthesizers and pre-recorded riffs. From her fresh voice to her boundless enthusiasm for music and performing, Rodriguez exudes a sugary-sweetness that makes it impossible not to fall for her."”

“MADDY RODRIGUEZ Fifteen-year-old singer/songwriter Maddy Rodriguez from Etobicoke, Ontario has secured a development deal with Nettwerk (Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Barenaked Ladies, Coldplay) and Bunk Rock Entertainment. DISBAND Guru Greig Nori is co-writing and producing her upcoming debut record over the summer, due for release in the fall.”