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Madame So / Press

"One of 10 Black women in Rock'n'Roll you should know"

"Perky forward motion, vocals simultaneously nonchalant and committed, and worked-on lyrics are the order of the day"

“LOUD HORIZON is not the first blog to pick up on MADAME SO – and it will not be the last. Even Radio 1, through the medium of one of their remaining credible shows (Gary Crowley’s ‘BBC Introducing’) have given her songs an airing. Can’t be bad! Expect more.”

“Madame So – aka Solange Moffi - isn’t afraid to say she was a music journalist who turned into a performer, and she’s been gigging across west Europe for over a year now with her tunes. They lean to the pop end of the indie spectrum, staying true to the nineties guitar sound rather than mining the seventies like a lot of on trend bands, so no one can accuse her of chasing the market.”

"There's a fine balance between personal weirdness (we used to call it quirk, but Zoe Deschanel ruined that word forever. Thanks a lot.) and traditional pop songwriting. The wrong balance can leave you sounding twee, phony, or just hopelessly unapproachable to anyone other than jangle purists. But there's little better than when someone nails that balance. Madame So's new EP “Sell-by Date” hits all the right notes. (Even the ones that are a little out of tune and dissonant.)"

"Using mostly drums and guitar riffs, Madame So brings a throwback to Hole & Polaris along with her own tint of lyrics in "Sell-by Date" and "Dig Deeper." And there is also the fact that her voice is smooth like melting sugar in your mouth."