Machines Are People Too / Press

“Machines are People Too, are a 3 piece band featuring Brian Sylvester on vocals, keyboard, and beat machine, Cain Lassiter on the keyboards, and Ivan Garcia on the drums. They are self described as an "Indie Pop Dance" group on their Facebook Page. Their music features a strong danceable beat, with evolving electronicr rythms, and a very capable drummer keeping it all together. The vocalist, Sylvester, is solid and really gets into the show. Throughout all of the set he is dancing around on stage, and at times even off the stage. Machines are People Too are the perfect band to really get a crowd into a show, an all-around great lead off hitter.”

“If a sense of energy and compassion could be harnessed into a dreamy dance cream pop electro indiecicle of light, it would indeed be manifested into Machines Are People Too.”

“Probably the coolest group of guys to come to the Star Bar hail out of Chattanooga and are called Machines Are People Too. Off the bat, from listening to their music on their MySpace page, the closest sounding band that comes to mind is Radiohead because of the ruggedly soft voice of the lead singer. However, MRP2 have a wider array of musicianship, having elements of chill music and dance music. Plus, they have a catchy tune that Radiohead doesn't carry, and a tune that will get the crowd rocking. With a saxophonist, drummer, a couple of keyboardists and a beat maker, these guys are an act that no one should miss.”