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LYKEN21 / Press

"её энергетика и мощность не могут не впечатлить. Пластинка сурово рекомендована всем поклонникам тевтонского пауэра." "...its energy and power can not fail to impress. Record sternly recommended to all fans of Teutonic power metal." .

“LYKEN 21/Konceptus (Self Released) Some nice, change of pace, straight forward heave metal is what you will find on this. The crunchy riffs are a welcome to all the generic black metal and deathcore crap that is infecting the scene. Bands like Savatage and Armored Saint and Cities come to mind when I was listening to this. The singer has a strong metal voice sort of like the singer in Manowar. The production is on the money and every instrument is crisp and if you like fist banging metal, well buy a ticket this ride you won’t want to get off. Info: www.facebook.com/lyken21”

"Blistering mix, sling in some sharp but well-tutored shredding and out comes a surprisingly crazy though thoroughly well concocted album meant for big things for its makers across 2014. Not sure who to recommend this to... apart from just about everyone."

“With dogged persistence, Jersey hopefuls Lyken21 will sink their teeth in deep with their new release 'Konceptus'. This CD picks up where 'Chaos before the crime', against humanity, left its mark. Riddled with clever songwriting, punchy rhythms, and aggressive intent, perhaps the 3rd time is the charm. Fans of U.S. power/thrash will just eat it up.”

“Still pushing the levels of extreme LYKEN21 formed back in 2005 in New Jersey releasing “Mindstream” in 2007 and “Chaos Before the Crime” in 2011. “Chaos Before the Crime” really changed the bands sound with the additional second guitarist Turkish born Emir Erkal.Back for a third round their newly released disc “Konceptus” is a quest to relinquish pure metal in the style of LYKEN21. “Coven13” starts it all off with heavy down tuning that adds to the mystique of hidden treasures. It has a mixture of a heavy style SAVATAGE with flares of OVERKILL. “Lost Head” highlights bass master Andres Nuiver that shines. Really enjoying this track that has a dark side yet can move metalers to raise the torch. Oleg Lipovchenko and Emir Erkal guitar work exploding solos and the double kicking drums of Matt Biehl give the song that arena feel. Marton Miklos brings the total package of vocals to LYKEN21 who has touches of Paul DiAnno to his voice but not as harsh. “Deth Be N”

“LYKEN 21/Edge Dyslexik (Self Released) This is a sort of “demo” before the band releases and album and if it like this, then it is going to kick some major ass. NJ has a ton of great bands over the years and you can throw this band in the mix. The music is a mix of heavy metal with some speed and throw a bit of power metal in the blender as well. The songs are memorable and have a ton of hooks that will stick in your head that is for sure. The singer has a strong powerful voice that fit right in with what this band is doing. This is sort of like Hades in spots and trust me there is nothing wrong with that. A great band and can’t wait to hear the album.”

“LYKEN21/Chaos Before The Crime (Self Released) This was some solid hard rock/metal with some good riffs and singing. The tunes were catchy and I found myself nodding my head to the tunes on this. Simple, but effective tunes with a really good singer who sounds great on this and fits the band well. There are not a lot of bands doing this style and it was nice to hear a rock/metal band lay down some serious chops.”

“For fans of precision, technical hard rock and metal, I strongly encourage you to check out Lyken 21. This New Jersey-based quartet seems to draw from influences such as Megadeth and Dream Theater – but they do it in a modern way. Lyken 21 is surely not an 80’s metal tribute band of some sort. Powerful lead vocals, intelligent lyrics, blistering lead guitar work and a super tight rhythm section are just some of the reasons why this group caught my ear. Highlights include “Colorblind” and “We The Puppets” on this extremely deep CD. If you want to hear the next generation of melodic metal, look no further than Lyken 21.”