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Lust for Glory / Press

“With guitars as thick as molasses and caked in fuzz come the hooligan rockers in Lust For Glory. Their craft is sexy, immature, and oh so heavy, but heavy like a slow moving rhino - not Metallica. Lust for Glory takes things in strange directions throughout their album Blue Idle via no real sense of segue, more just whatever the hell they feel like stomping next. Some of the tunes are borderline sludge rock and I hesitate to paint that in a good light.”

"Don't expect absolutely precise playing here... -- if you want obsessive perfectionism, listen to Steely Dan. This is some great stuff to rawk out to, but it's got more going on under the fuzz and feedback that makes it all the more interesting and satisfying." Lucy Fer Jones-

RPM Challenge Review

“Raw, dark, swampy riff rockin’ space blues that are more glorious than most, and lustier than almost all!”

“There's plenty of talent to be heard here, and some edgy ideas about tone and instrumentation. I enjoyed the journey through this project,.... That being said, I'd like to hear Sean cut loose in a real studio with an experienced engineer.”

The RPM Challenge

"Like Sabbath at a truck stop jamming with Danny Joe Brown and Danny Hlubeck of Molly Hatchet, all zoinked out on cocaine and Moonshine"

“First thing I thought of when I heard this was it reminded me of Queens of the Stone Age. The voice reminds me of early Ween crossed with Beck as well.”