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LUNGS / Press

"LUNGS - An assault of bare bones low-end brutality interrupted by moments of syrupy sweet emotional drivel."

Robert - Maximum Rock and Roll

“ Hailing from Minnesota, Lungs are a sludgy, down tempo, post rock/doom band that would fit nicely on Halo of Flies Records, next to a band like Northless.”

“Something about this album is fucking menacing. It’s hardly even mid-tempo, but goddamn if the notes rung out don’t send an eerie chill down my spine and through my brain. This crust-influenced doom metal moves like a tank- slow, but unstoppable, powerful, and murderously intimidating. If these songs had more lyrics, I imagine they would be apocalyptic and hopelessly bleak, because this music has not one shred of hope in its sound- this is the younger cousin of Black Flag. This punch takes seven and a half minutes to hit you, but it’s deadly. Only the likes of the Twin Cities could spawn something so unexpectedly awesome. The place that gave birth to Havoc and Profane Existence, anarcho and crust labels from the start, churns out something like this… and it works. This is music to scratch your skin off to and scream at the top of your lungs. Gnarly!”

“Lungs does leave me wanting to hear more, which is always a good thing. Hopefully, I will not have to long to wait.”

“These sounds are strange... They are strongly impregnated an introspection and a solitude, the trance and hypnotic calls which are intermittent by the fury and a hysterical despair...”

“The "New Band To Burn One To" today comes from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lungs is an experimental doom metal band and have a new EP out featuring 3 tracks. Lungs is currently out on the road so check them out live if you can.”

“Not to be confused with the aussie skate punk band. This Minneapolis Minnesota stoner metal band plays a mixture of beautiful postrock and crushing sludge. You might have seen them on tour with Empires and Across Tundras. Not to be missed. Smoke a huge bowl and put this record on this inauguration day!”