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Low Gravity / Press

"...you want gargantuan riffs, shape shifting song structures and vocals that'll bury you where you stand? Look no further, because Low Gravity is a band that will topple you with their mountainous groove while they keep you guessing with their wicked sense of humor."

Heavy Planet

“Low Gravity play a great blend of Sludge, Stoner Metal to heavy brutal effect. Taking influence from Baroness, Kylesa, High On Fire and other great bands of that ilk. All of the songs sound loud, epic and heavy as fuck”

“I really dug their late-2010 EP, and this follow-up shows that these Denver-based fuckers are really loving playing what I’d say is stoner metal done so heavily as to become sludge at certain points. There’s a little Fu Manchu, a little Kyuss, a little Lo-Pan, a smidge of Eyehategod, and their own juju.”

“Once the music machine got going, it was straight into a doomy high gear. Fortunately, it wasn't the typical evolution of the stoner rock of the last decade...There was something more directed and energetic about what Low Gravity was doing. Instead of finding one groove and playing it into the ground, Low Gravity switched up its dynamics and used sounds that weren't completely fuzzed out”

Tom Murphy - Westword

“The sludgy stoner rock of Low Gravity manages the neat trick of balancing heaviness with humor, in a genre that is often burdened by its seriousness. The band lays down dense, hefty grooves that plod at the speed of combat boots treading through a field of entrails. Meanwhile, with a spirit evocative of Clutch’s earlier work, Ferguson barks cartoonish lyrics that are frequently (and intentionally) laugh-out-loud funny, parodying the wanna-be epic poetry that often weighs metal down.”

"Low Gravity rocks my jock"

President Barrack Obama - Associated Press

"The riffs are so f***ing good and heavy! The vocals are great and listen to the bass and drum rhythms, they're absolutely outstanding!"


"Affected by thin Rocky Mountain air, Denver bashers Low Gravity come bursting out of the speakers with their self-titled, self-released five track EP...being straightforward fare that should be readily accessible for fans of stoner rock, but Low Gravity do it well and the angrier vocals give them an edge a lot of bands in their genre don’t have, lending an immediacy and urgency to the otherwise laid back and familiar vibes."


"I have said it a million times before but its all about the riff to me and Low Gravity has got them to spare. I often talk about the potential a band has and Low Gravity has got all that and more."