Lovely Goodbye / Press

"Lovely Goodbye have put together an album that could rival any national release I've heard all year. And they retain just enough of that East Tennessee, laid back vibe, that breaks through from time to time so you know where they are coming from. It is really a fun listen."

Jay Patrix P.D. - Z Rock 99.3

"Lovely Goodbye was my first introduction into the Tennessee music scene and hopefully they are a strong sign of the rest of the talent located there. Hopefully, there are no goodbyes from Lovely Goodbye for a very long time."

"...Lovely Goodbye proves in this album that you really can’t compare them to anybody because they’re in a league all on their own. While their sound has similarities to other bigger artists (which is a compliment0, the band has a creativity that blows those artists out of the way. This band has potential to make it big in whatever genre they choose, because not only are they versatile, but they’re likeable."