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“This song sounds like a gospel themed type song but it is obviously very rhythm and blues. It’s the gospel sound that makes it a song people can tap their feet to and the organ is the focal point, this is the first song that I hear with this quality that I actually wanted to dance to. I loved the lyrics of "black and blue" and the instrumentation is really out of this world, ostentatious and spectacular. The guitar during one break down that I heard was just WONDERFUL! I could not stop tapping my foot to this song, I was impressed from beginning until the end. People who love gospel and blues will especially enjoy this song. This is a HIT! I cant wait until this song comes out, I will be the first one to buy this song”

Travis Earle - Rag Doll

“This song starts off with a blast of high energy and takes you into a funky rock and roll tune with melodic vocals and a funky organ. Sounds like 90's rock and roll with a blues influence a little like The Black Crows. Fun for a party or background work music.”

George Waylon - Drum it in

“This tune reminds me a lot of the things you hear here in Tennessee in good bars, with good friends, it has good lyrical content, but more importantly, the vocals are good, and it is memorable, its feel good music and would relate to a large crowd, while there isn't much presence for it on radio, it would be great to hear at a music festival or a live show, the song just reminds you of a good time, the harmonizing is good, the rhythm of the track is good and goes with the vocals, its fast paced and though the lyrics aren't entirely feel good, you feel good anyway, good stuff overall.”

Artie Gevine - Dixie Chicken

“...distinct Aussie flavour, cant put my finger on it as there are too many influences, Aussies have a way of adding unique guitar parts...this is classic FRONT BAR ROCK Peter Tindall (London DJ.. currently playing Love Childs CD on 38 stations through Europe)”

“Thank you for allowing us to play songs of your latest release"Circus in Town".We at the station discovered your band via You Tube.As one of AMI Radios Progam Directors I am happy to advise that the "Sound of the Island" has reached a a huge audience in Florida,we normally play domestic product only,but upon hearing your music made an exception.I played Circus in Town on my show "Beach jam"and many listeners stopped by inquiring about the song.It became our first international song of the day and since then has been voted song of the day numerous times.We wish you the best of luck and hope we can assist LOVE CHILD into getting recognized in the USA as we feel it has the potential,great melodies,great rock grooves but with a unique sound.Please keep us informed of any further production”


“Great album,cant believe it's a local band,on first listen I thought the Faces had reformed.Its hard to believe these guys are playing at the local,they should,and will, be playing Wembley and Madison Square one day.I'm not kidding,check it out,beg,borrow or steal this cd,if this is their debut,then were witnessing music history,five star rating,excellent driving music,Love Child you rock me,and then you move my soul!!”

Simone Mcsweeney - Music Plus

“America has the Black Crowes,England has the Rolling Stones, Australia just discovered Love Child, great sophisticated Rock n Roll with just the right amount of attitude, great musicians, great songs,great look, buy it, put it on high rotation.This band will go on to bigger and better,I will eat my hat otherwise.”

George Coulis - Euro Music

“This band really know how to rock, no one in Sydney rocks like these guys.Saw this band at the vangaurd, incredible,they can rock with the best, then in the same breath play the blues, then a soulful ballad.The last time I heard a band do this was in the eighties, anyone remember Cold Chisel.These guys are ready to take on the world, not many bands can change your life, but this one can.They keep stealing fans from every band they support, but they wont be supporting much longer, incredible!”

Peter Blight - Local Times

“Wow your bloody awesome,I'm really very impressed! Love to death your outstanding brilliant and very powerful and very catchy rock stuff guys!! Music for my ears and radio! Wonderful songs and great energy,very talented indeed,your absolutely spectacular! Will be giving my 19,500 listeners the pleasure of hearing your magic stuff!”

DJ Carlo - RADIO BASILE,,Tuscany,Grosseto,ITALY

“On hearing this band from Sydney Australia I only have this comment to write.Hey Love Child take a boat ride over to South Florida.Your good enough to make it here! This is where Jimmy Buffet started.Impressive stuff!”

Ted H. Miami Florida - BAMATED

“Rock on!Excellent music! Love the sound, the Blues, the Soul and Rock combined.So much talent. I can hear traces of the Allman Bros, Humble Pie and Ten Years After.If this is coming out of Sydney Australia , then I vote this as Sydney's best. Caged Beast in the City Knoxville US”

Bruce Boudain - Caged Beast in the City

“I think Dennis Val has got that funkyguitar rhythm /lead thing down really well.I cant think of anyone else that plays like that!”