Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses / Press

“...the combination of angst and the usual showbiz antics was arresting. The performance was an emotional carnival ride, with everyone present hanging on tight to see which direction it would go next. It was unintentionally intimate and intense.”

“I saw Prima and his eight-piece band rock the Paris Las Vegas, and I was so impressed by their tight musicianship and high energy, I tracked Prima down... so we could catch up.”

"Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses... blew the lid off the Malibu Inn nightclub Saturday night, Sept. 29. Jamming the postage-stamp-sized stage, the nine-piece band... performed even harder, tighter and wilder for the… loudly appreciative crowd than they had the previous night for a much larger and just as appreciative audience on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” outdoor stage headlining the Italian Feast (Galbani Italian Feast of San Gennaro) in Hollywood. In Malibu, the group had nothing to prove; it was a pure display of their love of performing the music and the joy of pleasing a crowd."

"I’m constantly amazed by the breadth of quality artists that make up the Fresh Face class of emerging... stars. It seems that a week doesn’t go by that I don’t hear someone on the radio that sends me scrambling for a pen to jot down their name. Just this summer it started with... Louis Prima Jr. …"

"The apple may not fall far from the tree but every once in a while it bounces a little. Louis Prima Jr. has just released his debut album, which would have made his famous dad proud. He does not just reproduce the music note for note but instead updates it. While the brass is still present, the bass, drum, keyboards, and guitar add a rock element to the mix. It all adds up to a modernized Prima sound."

"Prima Jr.’s “Return of the Wildest!”... blew my hair back when I heard an advance a couple of months ago... a powerful update to the exuberant, horn-driven swing-jump sound mastered by Prima Sr... The album captures the buoyant, roof-raising celebration of good times the band presents onstage, and I highly recommend it."

"Return of the Wildest!" is an astounding album by Louis Prima Jr. and his huge band. He recreates the classics of his dad, and breathes the simple truth about real life.”

"(Louis Jr.) 'Cements his place as Crown Prince of Swing'... This CD will blow the roof off of any party once you hit play and turn up the volume.

"Louis Prima, Jr., turns up the heat a few notches while adding a few blisters here and there along the way... The musicianship of the performers is high caliber"

"Louis Prima Jr. commingles the punch and energy of his rock band heritage... Accompanied by his brasstastic band — “The Witnesses” — and the lovely and talented Sarah Spiegel, LPjr does an excellent job evoking the Crescent City jazz styled swing of his dad’s original material... But Jr. and The Witnesses also weave rock-forward elements into the mix and drive an intensity level that might even exhaust the old man … it’s wild and fun stuff."

"Louis Prima Jr….has a wicked band backing him up. ….the fact that he has his Father’s blood running through his veins pretty much had me sold as far as his taking on his Father’s work and giving us something new. It’s an absolutely fantastic album that will bring Prima Sr. fans back to some pretty awesome memories as well as help create new ones for both the Father and the son."

"Prima Jr. is the crown prince of swing... every track on Return of the Wildest!... snares listeners with an appealing mix of unbridled enthusiasm and self control... His high energy band seems bursting at the seams... I cannot remember the last time that every track on a CD made me smile as it began. You do it in spite of yourself."

“Louis Prima Jr. and a sizzling eight-member band took fans back to the era when his father was the hottest act in America.... the life, times and music of Louis Prima lives on in... his son and the sensational present-day “witnesses"”

“Louis Jr. and the Witnesses, do music that, if it were tooling down I-80, would come straight at you like a ten-ton truck: no slowing down and always rendered in an absolute full-bore performance. No prisoners taken..... spilling joyous music all over our clean, pretty sidewalks.... everybody probably had way too much fun.”

“Louis Prima Jr. ... (has) serious swing chops and dynamite entertainment value, just like his old man without a doubt.... a New Orleans jazz-soaked trumpeter like his dad... Louis Jr. takes the Prima family lineage into the 21st century.”

“What a tribute…. Louis Jr. is keeping his dad’s OUTSTANDING musical legacy vibrantly alive.”

“A rip-roaring, jump-jiving time....... The 45-year-old swingster is more than just an entertainer. He plays a mean trumpet, as well as piano and drums, and emulates his father to a tee.”

“Louis Prima, Jr. shook the crowd up with the same kind of infectious fun and stagecraft that had been his father's trademarks.”

“Junior's... energy level and live mannerisms are certainly cut from the same cloth.”

“Junior has re-created Dad's sounds and wild antics — with an occasional slip into modernity.”

“Louis Prima Jr... revived some of (Prima Sr's) hits in a high-powered show... people were literally dancing in the streets”

“Louis Prima Jr... keeping his father’s flame burning with a hard-swinging show reminiscent of his father’s.”

“Prima Jr's...set was pure homage to Prima Sr., ...you'd think Vine Street (Hollywood) had morphed into Bourbon Street...”

“The unabashed spirit of Prima shook the (Hollywood) pavement as the late jazz singer’s son, Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses - and the lovely Sarah Spiegel dazzled the crowd”

"It’s a show with an infectious energy... there was never any part of it that felt old, or stuffy."

"Louis Prima Jr. performs the music of his father with a fresh youthful energy, while keeping true to the roots of the music -- it's vibrant, energetic and makes you just want to get up and dance."

"Louis Prima, Jr's. show was outrageously fantastic. Incredible energy, exciting music - they should have a permanent spot on the Strip"

"Louis Prima, Jr. slaying the Hard Rock Cafe. Band blowing out the Strip. High energy, packs ultimate power punch."

"People were on their feet, all smiling... I can't say I knew much about Louis Prima Jr. or his father... but boy, did I get an education."

“Nick Spitzer, who saw Prima at the Gretna Heritage Festival said. "He had a sense of honor, of joy; a sense of being Louis Prima's son, but also a sense of self."”

“Louis Jr., a dead-ringer for his Dad in both appearance and performance style. ”

“Louis Sr.’s legacy is in good hands...Louis Jr...with a swinging and rocking band...will “Jive” you crazy with the feel of the wildest show in Las Vegas.”

“Louis (Jr.) has his dad’s style and sings all the old songs. The crowd loved it.”

“Prima Jr. and his band came out and played with such amazing energy and great care that had the crowd, including myself, dancing, clapping and singing along”

“Biggest nostalgia trip: Louis Prima Jr., son of New Orleans native Louis Prima, played to a standing-room-only crowd of swing-era enthusiasts and proud Italian descendants.”

“It is always a pleasure to watch a performer who is not only talented but truly enjoys their work. Louis Prima Jr. captures the heart of his father’s music... As cliche as this might sound, Louis Prima Jr. only left me wanting more when he was done.”

“LOUIS PRIMA, JR. is a dynamic, explosive entertainer who... never stops moving.”

“The legendary swing and swagger of yesteryear’s jazz songs spring back to life when Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses recapture the sounds and sensations of his famous father.”

“What a night..the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame presented one of the most eclectic rock concerts ever. Think..Kim Carnes, Sugarhill Gang, Patty Smyth of Scandal has ever followed Louis Prima, Jr. before?”

“Louis Prima, Sr. was one of music’s kings... Now, his son, Louis Prima, Jr. is holding up the family legacy”

“Prima Jr. passionately protects the Prima legacy...The son has a lot of the energy of his father, bounding around stage, wound up like a tight coil...It was a rousing performance”