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Lorrie Singer and Bradley Kopp / Press

“this really is a very strong album. ... the default setting is modern radio friendly commercial country. ... there's quite a bit more to these guys than a few hooks, some nice harmonies and some classy electric guitar, modern Nashville-style...there's a thoughtful social awareness at work, too, which will resonate with people - whether it's the post-Katrina song Radio Car or the epic, angry Uncle Ben's House with its strong echoes of CSNY, circa 1970...their voices also work really well together at full tilt.. record has some really beefy arrangements that require strong vocal leadership - which they deliver..... there's three things which make this record well worth checking out for me. One is Lorrie Singer's singing. .. she's got a great feel for a lyric and how to put it over....The second is Bradley Kopp's guitar playing....he's a very eloquent, fluid player who can also bring that controlled aggression to his playing .. Good stuff all round,"”

“Lorrie Singer & Bradley Kopp-A Deep Oasis- Redboot Records "Bradley Kopp, a notable Austin producer and songwriter, and erstwhile partner Lorrie Singer are a compatible pair, possessing the sort of synergy and savvy that’s branded every successful boy-girl combination from Loretta and Conway, up through Johnny and June and Gram and Emmylou. Like those forebears, they glean from a rich rootsy precedent, all back porch rambles and sweet, swaying sentiment....the basic strengths of this set lie in Singer and Kopp’s traded vocals and the effortless rapport they maintain throughout. The down home sentiments are easy but assured and clearly come naturally, but the songwriting stands out as well, particularly the beautiful ballads “Cowgirl Souvenir,” “America Walking By” and “The Savage Ways of Man.” Obviously Kopp ought to get out from behind the board more often, because when he does, the results are as superb as they are satisifying"”

"a second album from Lorrie Singer and Bradley Kopp, on the market, entitled “A deep oasis” The perfect synergy between the guitarist, Bradley Kopp and the great singing talent of Lorrie Singer is there again, in the 13 songs on this beautiful album." "Stylistically, there is country rock and country ballads on this beautiful record and the gorgeous voice of Lorrie Singer is as heavenly as ever." "The couples doing their ‘thing’ together in show business are countable on one hand. Brad and Lorrie are compared in the press to Buddy and Julie Miller, Steve Earle and Allison Moorer. Great company if you ask us. “A deep oasis” is a beautiful record, that hopefully makes this duo as strong in the spotlight as the other 2 couples."