Lonesome Traveler / Press

“Heartwarming and traditional, Lonesome Traveler’s new release, Looking for a Way, has you smiling with your eyes closed while your body sways from side to side. Not one band member plays a minor role in Lonesome Traveler – everyone brings something special and different. With the exception of the last song, all of the music is sung by Jodi Boyce, Dustin Scott and Ansel Foxley – their ability to beautifully harmonize is by far one of the band’s best qualities. Many of the song lyrics contain traditional soul-searching themes found in bluegrass from the beginning, such as traveling, trying to get back home and simply looking for peace of mind. Whether ballad-like (“Howlin’ Harlan Wind”) or hinting of country (“Plain Wooden Box”), Lonesome Traveler always backs up their songs with that good old sweet pickin’ bluegrass.”

“The Lonesome Traveler band has matured, musically speaking, and projects a thoroughly disciplined musical presentation with all musicians contributing in roughly equal proportions to the cumulative effect.  Musical intricacies extend beyond the traditional 1-4-5 structure of chord progression into exquisite compositions with musical movements that interact and weave together into complex structures.  And the lyrics intertwine with the musical expression in a very logical, natural way, producing an extreme emotional wallop!”

“Lonesome Traveler Band not so lonesome any more! Cybergrass says so!!”

"Thank You" for being a part of the festival in Cheyenne this year. You folks really did a nice job. Excellent blend of harmonies...great songwriting and top drawer instrumental work. Lonesome Traveler was an fantastic choice for the bluegrass festival. Thanks for being a part of it.

Steve Gilmore - Cheyenne Bluegrass Festival

“As soon as I heard the first notes & the lyrics that followed I was infatuated. I approached them with recording on Insider Sessions & they joyfully agreed. LT played their way into my heart for a second time. Beautiful people with talent that can't be measured; a recording that I will never forget.”

“The schedule features Claire Lynch, Byron Berline, Finders & Youngberg, Bluegrass Patriots, Lonesome Traveler, and The Hartmans... Kara says, it's a “huge bargain” for the talent that is performing. Also, much of the ticket money will help a new generation share the spirit that lives in the music.”

“From Colorado comes the band Lonesome Traveler, a group of folks that combine cool with old to produce uniquely LT-brand music. Band members Jodi (mandolin), Dustin (guitar), Evan (bass), Chad (fiddle), Ansel (dobro), and Rick (guitar) seem to work together well in their quest for the perfect sound.”

"Listen To That Sound" is a breath of fresh air. A beautiful recording, with instruments & vocals perfectly balanced. Great playing, tight harmonies! This album has appeal for bluegrass fans, folkies, or anyone who appreciates honest music. You'll need to hear the CD again & again. It's that good."

Dan Joseph - Blueridge Express, CKWR, Waterloo, Ontario

“STRONG originals, good cover tunes (I want to be like Norman Blake when I grow up!), great instrumental work, and fine ensemble playing. We'll be spinning Listen To That Sound here until centrifugal force sends the songs careening to the outer edges of the disc!”

Cary Fields - Producer/Host "The Fields Of Bluegrass Radio Hour"

“...you won't want to miss LTBB, a crew of six dedicated to traditional bluegrass and country...With both old songs and new ones of their own devising, two of their trademarks are harmony and guitar technique...These folks pick up awards wherever they wander....”

Pat Hartman - Scene Magazine

"[Lonesome Traveler] is extremely talented both vocally and instrumentally and have their “own sound” which includes lots of original material and unique arrangements... The future of Bluegrass Music looks good indeed with the emergence of groups like the Lonesome Traveler Bluegrass Band!"

Ken Seaman - Pow'r Pickin'

"These folks really put their hearts into the music... The songs are about life’s ups and downs. They draw you in and tug on your emotions. ...And they leave you wanting more.

Jan Peterson - Pow'r Pickin'