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Lonesome City Travelers / Press

“Together they collaborated and have managed to create a sound reminiscent of the Avett Brothers meets Ryan Adams meets Red Hot Chilli Peppers, an Indie, Country, Folk sound that we find really refreshing. The record opens up with Goodbye San Francisco Bay, a stripped melancholy, almost, folk ballad, with steady banjo and acoustic pickings as well as extremely solid harmonies. Picking the beat right up on The River, with a nice country guitar lead and some bluesy song structure. The thing we noticed most about this record is it’s unfailing ability to stray from one genre to another, even in a single song, and still remain so tightly cohesive. Each song flows perfectly into another, finally closing out somewhere in the middle with the mellow tempo-ed, “If I Live To See The Sun.” The more we listen, the more we love it!”

““The River” kicks things up a notch with more than a hint of Son Volt-inspired 90s alternative country and lead singer Chris Metts has clearly spent the time to hone his songwriting chops. These songs have more than a hint of pop flavor, with hooks that you’ll find yourself singing unexpectedly.The rest of the album shows that the band can be just as capable of playing it straight as well. There’s a great deal of variety here, and “Please Be There” is perhaps the strongest independent country track I’ve heard all year, and that’s saying a hell of a lot. These guys are working the road the hard way, and they don’t have a big promotional budget behind them. But be certain about one thing – they’re ready to be out there playing with the big boys. Lonesome City Travelers is one of the best alt-country albums of the year, and it deserves a great deal more attention than it’s been getting. If there’s one band you’ll want to be able to say you heard here first, th”

“The Lonesome City Travelers are a band comprised of brothers, Chris Metts, Acoustic Guitar/Vocals, Scott Metts, Banjo/Lapsteel/Vocals, along with Jeremy Martin on Drums, and Justin Martin on Bass. They have a truly unique, acoustic driven, americana sound, with songs about life experiences that pull on the heart strings, and who doesn't like a good banjo? ”

Orlando Examiner

" Fronted by sibling duo Scott and Chris Metts, Lonesome City Travelers offers a bit of a throwback sound not often well replicated by the younger crowd - and they do it quite well. The Metts brothers are backed by another brother duo - Jeremy and Justin Martin on drums and bass, respectively. Their Songs often hit a peak when the Metts are harmonizing. It just sounds right. I once read an interview with Brian Wilson, in which he stated that the reason The Beach Boys' harmonies worked so well was because they were all family. He may have been onto something. "

“These troubadors from Florida take you back to when folk music was celebratory, even among the heartache and despair of a wandering life. The band mixes it up instrumentally, often accenting with an accordion or a banjo. Make no mistake though — at their heart, the Lonesome City Travellers is a country band. And, as a bonus, the bass player has the most impressive afros to ever grace the Picaflor stage!”

Picaflor Studios