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Liz Lohnes / Press

"Related topics Whitney Houston Berklee College of Music Queen of Pop gift Rating for Liz Lohnes, Whitney Houston 0 Advertisement We all remember the stunning voice of the late Whitney Houston. Her voice resounded in arenas, in theatres, in our homes, and in our cars, filling us up with joy. Liz Lohnes’ voice does something no one’s voice has done to our hearts since Whitney Houston. It warms the heart and even brings a tear to the eye, just as Whitney could."

“Lohnes may only be performing in her house now, but come this spring, she'll be on a much bigger stage: the legendary Apollo Theater in New York.”

“Lohnes has busy working on her music career and helping others.”

“Liz has a sweet and captivating voice that you won’t want to stop listening to.”

“Liz Lohnes is an artist we think has one of the strongest voices we’ve heard in a long time.”

“The young performers were star struck by Liz. She was full of wonderful things to tell the girls, she encouraged them to get up and do their thing, she inspired them to follow their dreams, she graciously answered their questions and gave lots of autographs.”

“Once Upon A Tune... ...there was a little brown-eyed princess named Liz from a land called Massachusetts and what made her happy was performing all over the kingdom whether on land or distant seas.”

“Having the talent to sing is often considered a gift by the experts, but a gift well trained is a creation of hard work and passion for the art. Therefore, we cannot help but notice all these virtues and talent in Liz Lohnes.”

“Liz Lohnes is a Boston pop singer dedicated to her music and charity”

Liz Lohnes is Pop Singer

“Her sweet voice is capable of captivating anyone and her songs are easily to relate to.”

“Liz Lohnes Performs cover of Beyonce's Speechless with her band”