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"they are tight and focused, coming across as a young hungry WASP jamming with The Misfits, with elements of The Last Of The Teenage Idols, Lordi and Murderdolls thrown in."

Mark Ashby - Planet Mosh

““Raiding the dressing up box and putting on a bit of slap could be a recipe for disaster, but this is an object lesson in style, conviction and performance.””

Diarmuid Kennedy - The Thin Air

" Now maybe I don’t pay enough attention to where bands are from or maybe I do and there just aren’t many horror punk bands coming from Northern Ireland, so when I heard these guys were from Belafast it caught my attention. All In all this was a good album. The first song “Play with the dead”, which also happens to be my favorite song off the album, is a great song to start off with. An awesome intro, and heavy cords. Also, what’s not to love about the album cover. Bela on a skateboard? Come on it’s awesome! I think it’s awesome to see a horror punk band coming from Northern Ireland. I’m looking forward to seeing what else comes from this band. Check them out!"

"Yes, I find it hard to believe too: Belfast has got its own horror-punk band. "Dr. Frankenstein" is taken from the debut E.P from Little Miss Stakes, which is wonderfully titled "Bela Lugosi's Pro Skater 3," and is a fun little piece of Misfits inspired punk."

“Little Miss Stakes are a self- proclaimed ‘horror punk’ band out of Belfast. Bela Lugosi’s Pro Skater 3 is their debut E.P. "‘Horror punk’ may sound like a novelty but this not the case. The band are playing in a tradition that began with Alice Cooper in the 70s and was continued by W.A.S.P. and Marilyn Manson amongst others since then. Shock Rock is the name of that tradition. Obviously, the shock element is largely dependent on live performance and, seeing as I have never been to any of their gigs, the question remains how do the band sound without the visual distractions; how does the music stand up on its own? The answer is: pretty good." ....tbc”

"Their gothy brand of horror punk is exhilarating and enormously fun"

Melanie Brehaut - Chordblossom

"This is how it should be done. Horror punk bands, take a lesson from these guys."


"witty, flashy and loud enough to wake the dead that they sing of."


"Sounding like monsters have raided an episode of Top of the Pops, this release comes complete with catchy as hell hooks, fifties and sixties style backing vocals and riffs that just scream for the air guitar to come out. I defy anyone to not have a good time."


"I found myself mesmerized by the first track, and I didn’t come out of the sleazy rock'n'roll coma until the end of the final one."