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Lisa Mills / Press

“One of my favourite discoveries of recent years, it’s always a joy to watch the faces of audience members who haven’t seen Lisa Mills before. What a voice, and enhanced by superb microphone technique. If you like your Americana with some southern soul and blues, and a big, big voice, then this is the singer for you.”

“Lisa Mills sings like the Sirens of Titan who lured unsuspecting sailors to their doom - she's simply fabulous and I 'drowned' each time I heard her sing. Catch her if you can.”

“A voice you won't believe you haven't heard before...”

“Lisa Mills is blessed. Blessed, that is, with a vocal abilities that seem to encompass and embody every cliché ever applied to a gruff, gargle-with-broken-glass yet velvety-smooth voice...she exudes the fiery passion and gritty intensity of the late, great Otis Redding.”

“All in all, “Tempered in Fire” is the best surprise disc I have uncovered in many years. It is a stellar performance by a singer I certainly hope to hear a lot more of, and backed by a lean and mean band who knows how far to push and when to lay back. This one will be playing in my car for a long, long time.”

“Mills has a real blues voice... the passion and emotion of Etta James or Bonnie Raitt, with a slightly ragged voice perfect for the blues.”

“Lisa Mills has a winner here. "Tempered in Fire" is a cooker... Mills & company channel classic R & B from Memphis Tennessee--especially the Stax studio sound. " ”

“On Tempered in FIre, crisp, sharp-edged settings give Lisa Mills's deep-throated singing the requisite kick and purr to deliver 10 uncluttered, well-picked songs...”

“One British critic described Lisa Mills’ Southern soul voice as a “full-throated Otis Redding.” And as showcased here, the Mobile, Alabama-based blues singer by way of Mississippi can certainly work a song like the iconic Stax/Volt legend.. ”

“Possessed of a gentle yet raspy alto voice, Lisa Mills is a southern, blue-eyed soul singer who can summon deep emotion. If you’re a fan of Janiva Magness, give a listen to Lisa Mills.”

“A native of Mississippi, Mills brings a command of soul and blues to the ten songs of Tempered in Fire. ”

Tom Wilk - ICON Magazine

“Everything you ever loved about Muscle Shoals and blue eyed soul is here on proud display.”


“Lisa Mills is an absolute star! In a magnificent line-up at the Colne Blues Festival in August 2011, which included appearances by such blues luminaries as Mud Morganfield and Mavis Staples, Lisa’s appearance was widely regarded as the highlight of the Festival. ”

“...like a full-throated female Otis Redding, with some Muscle Shoals soul and Nashville country touches for good measure”

“Tempered in Fire, is one of the best CDs to land on my desk in a while, a set of songs reared in gospel, saturated in the blues and sprinkled with rock.”

“I pulled a heart attack while listening to this disc, it would've required the skills of a half-dozen surgeons to get the grin of pleasure off my face.”

“Lisa’s strong voice has fantastic range and she reaches out and grabs you with it, using it to spin tales of life, love, loneliness, and redemption.”

Sheryl and Don Crow - Nashville Blues Society

“...Can stand next to Amy Winehouse in the Pantheon of new female soulful voices.”

Jose RUIZ - Radio France/France Bleu Gironde

“Mill’s last full studio album, 2005’s "I’m Changing" arguably was the best local album released that year. "Tempered in Fire" proves that Mills was just clearing her throat.”

“Lisa walked on stage unheralded and backed only by bass player Ian Jennings, she had the audience enthralled from her opening number to the set closer. It may sound exaggerated but this is a voice that bears comparison with any blues and soul singer from any era. In between times there were tales of Southern life, pistol-packin’ grannies, trailers and all. Not only can Lisa sing but she’s a born entertainer. It takes no mean ability to keep an audience entertained for over 90 minutes with just an acoustic guitar and a bass for support, but Lisa Mills managed this with ease. There was a reference to one song being written in Kidderminster, which made me wonder what would happen of one resident of that town (or thereabouts) did the same with this lady as he did with Allison Kraus. Robert Plant and Lisa Mills would certainly be a collaboration to savour.”

“It's impossible to listen to Lisa Mills' music without feeling something. First, there's her voice - silky-smooth, full-bodied, fiery red but with a gravelly bite. Then there are the lyrics, disarmingly honest and, at times, so vulnerable and open that you have to stifle the urge to throw your arms around Mills to protect her. ”

“Lisa Mills apprised us that her song “Why Do I Still Love You,” an incendiary number from her amazing and justifiably acclaimed new album Tempered in Fire, is being used in a major new ad campaign for the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino (in Biloxi, Mississippi, owned by Steve Wynn).”

“Lisa’s singing is phenomenal. Rarely do you get a vocalist who can belt out the blues with such power, then switch straight to a homespun country ballad; there’s obvious training there yet it all seems so utterly natural. She could easily be talked about in the same league as Aretha Franklin or Janis Joplin”

"Why Do I Still Love You?, Lisa Mills: Sweeter-than-Janis blues vocals and a fierce guitar punch up this original tune from the new Tempered in Fire."

“Lisa Mills is her own woman, steeped in the blues, as you might expect of a Mississippi native, and singing with gritty, searing authority--and with nuance, too: she can stomp and swagger with brio through her own funky soul strut “Why Do I Still Love You?” while unabashedly battling her conflicted feelings towards a guy she knows she can’t count on, in a heated, multi-textured reading worthy of Mavis Staples. Amidst all its memorable music, the complexities Mills reveals in her readings on Tempered In Fire speak not only to the quality of the writing but to the depth of her artistry in making the most of the possibilities the songs offer her.”