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Lindsey Buckingham Palace / Press

“It’s as if LBP has really tried to tap into the heart of authentic rock music. The band has a hard-rock side and then there’s a softer rock ‘n’ roll aura to them. It’s their ability to merge the two that makes their sound so enjoyable. They seem to have hit the nail on the head this time with the blend of musicians that have been brought into the band and the musical background they’ve been able to contribute. These four rockers know what they’re doing. The only downfall to this EP is that it happens to be so short. There’s more to be desired because they’re so good at writing and composing their music to begin with. It’s safe to say, though, that they would be hard-pressed to find people disappointed if these guys were to release a full length album. The only thing left to do is to wait to see what comes next for LBP.”

Alec Cunningham

“The bass driving “She Don't Like” is classy. The song has a bit of funk along with a modern hard rock texture. Still, the links to classic rock are obvious, too. The vocal hooks are catchy and the whole piece just really grooves. The jam mid-track has a lot of 1970s hard rock built into it. There is definitely a bluesy vibe to the piece. It’s a great starter. “Drowning” comes in as a major contrast. Acoustic guitar opens the piece and as the vocals join it’s sort of a modern hard rock ballad approach. This gets powered up as it continues. In fact, parts of it rock fairly hard, but it’s more like a power ballad. Overall, this wouldn’t be out of place on a nu-metal album. It’s got an exceptional vocal performance. The song is well-written and well-performed. It shows another side of this group.”

G. W. Hill

““20 Years” is a straightforward rocker, leading off with an assault of whirring guitars and a forcefully slapping drum track. The song is a nostalgic look back at simpler times and meaningful music. A majority of the lyric is a call out to everyone from Jerry Lee Lewis to Guns N’ Roses as being musically significant to the group. While not necessarily as inspired of a song as the ones that precede it, it does come packed with another excellent guitar solo and tight performances all around.”

Heath Andrews

“The EP is a fusion of classic and modern rock that generally fares well and stands as a solid showcase for this new foursome’s musical chops. “20 Years” is a rollicking affair. Rich electric guitar rages from the very outset, supported by thumping drums and Rothschild’s persistent bass on a track that honors great artists and jams of the past. The musicianship is solid. With “Gringo,” the band sets forth to go out on a strong note with some southern rock flavored guitar riffs and a mid-tempo lyric. Minnicucci continues to impress with his solid work on the axe, wielding it with ease and chopping off licks that shine while the supporting players hold court just as solidly. The lyric, with its playful chorus, “We ain’t no rock stars, baby/But we know how to rock and roll” seems to capture the heartbeat of this D.C. collective perfectly and serves as a fitting close.”

Andrew Greenhalgh

“Lindsey Buckingham Palace brings a certain swagger to Rock Star Parking. It’s the sort of big-time confidence that comes from chutzpah, talent and an absolute love for performing. The slower material doesn’t work quite as well, but the band pulls it off almost in spite of itself. Lindsey Buckingham Palace shows the talent and sound to do big things in the future, and Rock Star Parking is a great start.”

Wildy Haskell

“Rock Star Parking isn’t quite a perfect EP, but it’s certainly very effective at establishing the sound of Lindsey Buckingham Palace and demonstrating the heights the band is capable of. “Drowning” is such a blissfully perfect number that it alone is worth picking up the EP for and “She Don’t Like” isn’t far behind. The remaining two songs are still enjoyable even though they don’t reach the heights of the ones that precede them. More importantly, from start to finish, Rock Star Parking is a solidly entertaining sampling from a very talented group of guys who know how to rock.”

Heath Andrews

“Rock Star Parking begins with "She Don't Like", a wide open rocker with funky guitar work and a catchy chorus. This is a song about front row vixens and the temptations of rock and roll, and the price one might pay for partaking of those temptations. The simple but grand arrangement is an ode to 80's hair band excess, tied together with serious showmanship and a vibrant melodicism you simply can't ignore. "Drowning" is a song of mourning, a sorrowful ode to what was and what might one day be, but is mostly focused on the empty space between. This takes on something of a droning quality at times, but has real heart behind it. "20 Years" is a tribute to youth and to the music that propelled youth into a career in music. This is very catchy; a fun listen. The EP closes out with "Gringo", an entertaining rocker that's low on substance but high on grit and melody.”

Wildy Haskell

“Closing out the much too-short four song EP is the straight-forward southern rock meets blues rock chug of “Gringo” with its crunchy guitar riff, howling vocals and simple yet ear-worming vocal melodies on the anthmic sing-along chorus that will leave you wanting more. With the good-time rock and roll of their debut EP Rock Star Parking, Lindsey Buckingham Palace shows a lot of promise and only heightens the anticipation for a proper full-length album. If they can stick together with this current lineup, maybe they will actually get that “rock star parking” and all the fame and fortune that goes along with it!”

Justin Kreitzer

“Their specialty is gritty and tough but melodic rock & roll: they sound a bit like the Smithereens, also incorporating direct or indirect influences like the Rolling Stones and the Kinks. Lindsey Buckingham Palace gets most of their musical inspiration from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and while tunes like “She Don’t Like,” “Gringo” and “20 Years” are not groundbreaking or terribly distinctive, they are enjoyably infectious. This is a very easy EP to get into.”

Alex Henderson

“Together LBP creates a unique brand of alternative rock that is bolstered by driving, danceable rhythms and elements of catchy power-pop, 80’s metal and 70’s classic rock. Their EP is filled with four energetic party rock anthems that are meant to be listened to loud and preferably in a live setting, which is where this band shines the brightest with their energetic live show. A slinky, funk-laced bass line and a head-nodding rhythm give the standout opening track, “She Don’t Like” a slick swagger and also features flickering guitars and a soulful blues-rock vocal performance alongside witty lyrics that reference the classic Guns n’ Roses track, “Rocket Queen”. “Drowning” follows and shows the band’s more tender side with an earnest and emotional vocal performance that is bolstered by cyclical cascading guitars and an excellent soaring guitar solo that combines to invoke the nostalgia of 80’s hair metal power ballads. So get your lighters ready for this one.”

Justin Kreitzer

“Slow, brooding, dark and melancholy, “Drowning” is a departure from the exuberance that characterizes “She Don’t Like,” “Gringo” and “20 Years.” Rock Star Parking is dominated by rock & roll party music, but “Drowning” clearly shows a different side of the band. Some listeners might argue that “Drowning” is too much of a departure from the EP’s overall mood, but in fact, the inclusion of that song is a good thing. “Drowning” shows that Lindsey Buckingham Palace are capable of versatility and demonstrates that they are not one-dimensional.”

Alex Henderson

"If this track is any type of indication, the upcoming release from Lindsey Buckingham Palace should be worth every minute."