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Liberation Redux / Press

“Sick bro. Love the dark beat.”

“Loving the bleak, intense vibe of your music here guys...fantastic heavy and crisp electro grooves but nicely stripped back and spacious to allow the moody, deep baritone vocal...”

“I mean really, who am I kidding? We make this music because we like it and not because people know who we are... as a matter of fact, no one knows who we are yet. Now I guess we can say that we made this fantastic music before anyone even knew who we were.”

“Very good track.”


“Philip prepares to unleash his upcoming, debut album 'Spectators' which releases digitally across the U.S and Mexico later this year! This record is a thematic and musical triumph that can only be described as mind blowing…!"”

Someone of Stature - bandcamp

"The 'Spectators' album seamlessly blends Philip's varied and impressive creative output; mixing together electronic and industrial sounds; paired with Eastern Indian influenced vocals and a purposeful yet minimalist approach to instrumentation that ignites into a musical concoction that is "fruitful" to say the least. This album serves up relentless imagery within the tightly crafted yet wildly constructed songs. The lyrics contain more light and shade, more depth and vigor than any other release of it's kind in recent memory."

No One of Note - bandcamp