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Lettie / Press

“‘Without the support of a major label and with complete self-motivation and integrity, Lettie has crafted this fully-fledge piece of artwork with a sound result exactly how she wanted it to be’ Alix Blankson at Planetnotion.com April 2012”

“‘Lighter hearted in sound than the likes of the sometimes icy-sounding Ladytron or Fever Ray, it’s baffling why a major label hasn’t taken a chance on Lettie yet....’ *****”

“‘Lettie’ is bubblegum pop’s cooler older sister and her latest album ‘Good Fortune, Bad Weather’ will make you want to know her better’”

“‘Tracks such as Bitter, Never Want to Be Alone, Pandora, Fitter, Crash and Burn and Come Back are terrific, snap-snap-snap pop songs. The issue of how come we’ve never heard of Lettie before has duly been solved’”

“If this evening had been only allowed one artist, it has got to be Lettie. Lettie is exquisiteness & sheer brilliance…‘Exquisiance’ perhaps!... Lettie stepped on to The Cavendish Arms “The Ballroom”s stage and got behind the large keyboard, large against her small frame. ... No backing track, no digital tracks just pure analogue & attention to detail. Lettie began, feet tapping on necessary keys, whilst she began the start-up beat and continued into the next segway of the tune. Next, she would be recording the vocals required to accompany her main vocals, ‘echo-mic’ included! This track could be nonsense (but melodic) but because of the hectic goings-on of this one girl you are hypnotised by witnessing this art. The crowd are held, speechless every time Lettie plays in this way. I recall Lettie from a year or two on occasions.. but tonight was something very different. Either that, or my memory is much more jaded than I thought. (April 2011)”

"Age of Solo, the fantastic 2008 debut disc from super-talented British chanteuse Lettie." ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY'S'POP WATCH' (December 2008)....

Entertainment Weekly

"It is in Letties live performances which set her apart from her contemperies, with a breathtaking performance which has the audience on the edge of their seats hoping that Lettie achieves a masterful multi loop routine, which she inevitably does, and allows the audience to breath a sigh of relief"

Paul - Leeds Music Promotions Blog

"But the highlight is London-based singer-songwriter Lettie(myspace.com/lettiemusic) whose electro-pop All You Want is as honey-sweet as you'll hear."


“Nestling within every album there is a chance to find a piece of music which stands head & shoulders above so much, on 'Age of Solo' you just might find in on 'Mission'.It's nothing less than a three and a half minutes of bliss, you can not add or take anything from it"”

“*****"Age Of Solo is a colourful, tight collection of songs full of sweet, naïve melodies, offset with glowing and lavish production...Letties songs are a masterclass in soulful, edgy avant-pop"....Wears The Trousers (October 2008)”

Rob Taplin - Wears The Trousers

“First, however, came Lettie. She came out by herself, grabbed her Fender Stratocaster, and started playing tunes with something of an ethereal new-wave vibe. She had a second microphone loaded with extremely heavy reverb and delay that she would sometimes switch to. She slowly integrated a loop pedal, a keyboard, samples, and a friend who came out and played some sort of electronic keyboard instrument. (It must have been some sort of synthesizer, but he used it to create fairly noisy, ambient melodies, if you can imagine that.) On one hand, Lettie isn't a great singer, the songs are fairly simple, her dancing was kind of awkward, and the whole act just felt a bit loose. But on the other hand, the music was interesting and she has a definite charm. The whole deal felt a bit retro, in a good way. Honestly, she kind of reminded me of my own performances, or maybe those of the Cure from their earlier days. B+”

“Lettie is an almost-solo artist (she's joined occasionally by another keyboard player) who creates odd, acute, ballads and torch songs out of her minimal instrumentation and a handful of vocal effects. Setting up vocal loops via one microphone, then putting a lead vocal over the top on the other, adding keybpoard layers and slices of the guitar, the resulting songs are tougher things than you might imagine - excursions into pointed pop that steer clear of dreaded easy-listening singer-songwriter territory by virtue of their punch and attitude.”

Nemesis To Go

"Each year it seems another quirky singer-songwriter emerges with the unique personality and talent necessary to make her mark. This year, for me, it could be Lettie"

The Weblog Of Leonards Lair