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Les Vaughan / Press

“Hopefully this music generates wealth for this excellent performer so he can invest all his time into more composition, and maybe some in the music stock market”

El Vaughan - Wall Street Urinal

“Any press is better than no press”

The One - No Press Weakly

“Ear candy, soothing to the soul... refreshing and calming... not jangly but smooth and relaxing... highly recommended!”

Les the Best - About Time!

“A truly unique Canadian talent in an otherwise forsaken wasteland of wanna-be's and has beens. A truly rewarding listening experience and a must play for starving ears...”

“Give this dude a listen... I truly think I'm; I mean, he's great!”

Les Vaughan - Les Vaughan Times

“Once or twice in a lifetime comes the opportunity to hear something totally fresh and not in the mainstream. With any grace this fine artist will uncover an enthusiastic fan base as his music becomes more widely known...”

L Vaughan - Dishwashers Rag

“Finally the wait is over! This hopefully signals the comeback of Mr. Vaughan and The Fog Duckers. If these new recordings are any indication, the world may finally have listenable music in the jungle of mediocrity currently available.”

LVaughan CGP - 2 Ears 1 Mouth Daily

“I'll never forget where I was when I first heard these illuminating songs and the soul with which they were purveyed. I see a brilliant future for this wonderfully gifted talent.”

Elvon - Mutual Admiration Society Press

“Why aren't more people going back to the old ways with flowing chords, no heavy beats, no yelling and screaming but actually getting the message out in an understandable and fluid manner? Props and kudos to this entertainer!”

Lester (The One) Vaughan - Les Press Ink