Leslie Karen Krafka / Press

“...it is the quality of Leslie's songs and singing that make the record stand out.”

“The title itself frees Ms. Krafka’s writing and opens a new chapter for her and the music, with full respect to the process of story writing “onward” is a complete musical novel.—Rick Heysqueirdo KPFT’s Lonestar Jukebox”

““Leslie Krafka is a genuine songwriter that writes about topics ranging from storytelling to matters of the heart. She’s never trite and always seeking truth in her lyrics with a style all her own. A little bit of twang with a saucy spice of city slicker. It makes for an intoxicating mix that leaves the listener wanting more.”—Terri Hendrix/songwriter, musician, producer”

“Krafka is an excellent songstress...Her songs target love and relationships, both good and bad, peppered with the occasional poignant tune about life experience...Krafka’s voice is outstanding, acting as the lead instrument on every track.”

“We don't know much about this countryish singer-songwriter, but her Wandering Troubadour song is a good start.”

"...her debut (CD) was well worth the wait.