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Leia Sadiku / Press

“Leia has an amazing ability to befriend you with her voice, you don’t even have to watch her video you can just sit back relax and take in the music, then when its all over you feel like you have known her your whole life. Never one to follow the crowd she consistently delivers meaningful and upbeat songs that put a smile on anyone’s face and what a wonderful thing that is to be able to do. ”

“I love this girl. In case you've missed out, Leia Sadiku is a fantastic artist based out of Greensboro, HC, and she has that kind of gorgeous voice that you just can't help but enjoy. This is actually the first song she ever wrote, and she just finally put together a a little video for it for her mom on mother's day. Here's a fantastic track from a fantastic artist, so enjoy it. ”

"Leia is a beautiful person with a beautiful talent, I am so excited to watch her career grow and see her reach all of her goals... I have every bit of faith that with the work ethic, drive and sheer love and understanding for the music she makes she will get there. So take 5 minutes to introduce yourself to her work and I promise you you will not be disappointed...She has a soulful yet up to date tone to her voice and combined with an amazing ability to write meaningful and effective lyrics she really brings her own flame to her music."

“If you’ve been following SBT for awhile you will recognize both of these names, but for those of you who are not familiar with either Leia Sadiku or Dante CK, they both attend Guilford College and represent the Superteam along with Beau Young Prince. In honor of celebrating the day of his birth, Dante CK decides to release his latest project with Leia Sadiku, “Strange Ways”, an indie hip-hop track produced by himself. Such a unique track, peep and download below. Enjoy… ”

“A little different than what I normally post. This joint has more of an indie feel to it than what I'm used to, but I'm enjoying it a lot. Leia has an amazing voice that just floats out of the speakers. Strange Ways is, pardon the pun, but strangely addicting. Check this one out for sure. Plus, in case you don't recognize her name, she was on a track with YP and Brenton Duvall, which is pretty dope in my books. Enjoy. ”

“Not sure who Leia Sadiku is, but she can really sing. Might as well call her the female Drake with a dope hook like that. Yes, Drake is the master of hooks on other people’s tracks. Get at me.”

“Here’s a new original acoustic record by Leia Sadiku. Leia was recently featured on a new Beau Young Prince single that we posted. We are very impressed with her music so far here at FRM, we’ll be keeping our eyes out for more great material from her in the near future!”

“Leia Sadiku has an amazing voice and it really adds to this song.”

“BYP hits us with solid verse after solid verse. To fill the in-betweens, he recruits Leia Sadiku who was a phenomenal voice to sing the hooks. All-in-all this track is amazing. These three individuals put together their talents and create something special. Check it out and enjoy!”

“Once again, Leia Sadiku. Let her mellow chords and soothing voice put that case of the Mondays in the past. “Take it easy, your life can be breezy..””

“Leia Sadiku provides a great hook, we look forward to hearing more music from her in the near future!”

"...Leia Sadiku brings the heat with her vocals as well. Nice track to nurse that hangover with and get lifted."

“this girl has a beautiful voice and she writes her own music here in North Carolina. It is all amazing. Thanks BaNK$ for showin' us. We hope to post more soon!”