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Layden and the Lion / Press

““I habitually dont listen to country music but this was actually good because of the flow and the amazing melody that made me wanna dance.I like when the country musics are calm and relax.It is way more agreeable to listen at and you should keep making music like this.That could be easily a hit in the music commercial.Keep up the good work and keep going on like this.The voice of the girl made me feel in heaven,is she an angel ? Because she have the voice of an angel and i am sure that she comes from the sky!It is really different from the other countries music that always have the same instrumental and i respect the artist for this.For his originality and creativity and she is not afraid to try new things and that what an artist needs to go far in the music industrie of these days.””


““The jovial, although simplistic melody of the guitar right from the beginning adds an emotional level to the song that cannot be matched by other tracks I've heard from the genre. Although the melody originally sounded like something I would hear out of a country song, the emotional and rather complex vocals put it on a level with some modern indie rock song's i've heard. I could see this habing mainstream appeal, as it is simple yet catchy and memorable enough to stay in a listeners head.””