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La Vasa! / Press

“The artist known as Jeb, the swaggering, fine and potty-mouthed lead singer of °La Vasa!, launched into a series of tirades about the missing Mr. Peters, with no quarter or "just kidding" apologies. Song-wise, they came fast, furiously and seemingly blessed with a combination of end-of-the-world urgency and end-of-the-night inebriation, mostly from the band's new album "Pull My Finger..." But the subtext of the show's between-song banter was all about the missing Mr. Peters, like some absurdist theater tic. Deep into the set, a Peters fan had had enough of the attacks and leapt onto the stage, shoving the singer over to the tune of "stop dissing Duane Peters," before the stage invader being evicted by SOhO staff. Assuming it wasn't a plant or stage antic, the crowd-meets-singer moment was a startling blow to our show biz senses, not to mention the singer, who kept referring back to the incident during the show: "I can't believe that little dude knocked me over. That was awesome!"”

“Blowing up Santa Barbara, La Vasa is an awesome punk band. They have a great live set and have shared the stage with some of California's punk legends. They have limited tour experience have an album soon to be released. I got Don to tell there story, he also added a breif bio...”

Harvey Taylor - http://punkrock77thrutoday.blogspot.com/2012/02/la-vasa-new-interview.html

“Love the tracks you sent, great raw punk sound and your bio is outstanding. ”

“Yeah, I'd say La Vasa's a drinking band. I always get so drunk at their shows before they play that I have to leave. I've only seen them once..”

Thadius McPuke Shoes - Drunken Friends

“La Vasa may not be the most talented band on the planet, but they are raw fucking energy and a ton of fun. No doubt I would go see them again (and if they play TRiP, perhaps I’ll sneak em a bottle of Crown Royal).”