Lani Nash / Press

"Lani is such a talent and her music is truly moving."

Steve Brown - BOSE-Professional Systems

“Lani Nash's always honest delivery and thought provoking, and often entertainingly clever songwriting of both ballads and up tempo folk repertoire has an appeal that cuts across genres. The combination of her songwriting and her ability to convey emotion make for electrifying performance.”

““[She has] the heart and soul of Lucinda Williams (think ‘Car Wheels on a Gravel Road’), and the timbre and phrasing of Jennifer Nettles (think Sugarland’s ‘Stay’)”—Got Folk.com”

Got Folk.com

““Really, independent artists don't get much better than this. And Ms. Nash doesn't need to; she's perfect the way she is.”—from Amazon Review”

Amazon Review

“If Patty Griffin and Garth Brooks had a love child (ante-Robert-Plant, of course), it would have to be Lani Nash (www.LaniNash.com)”