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LaJune / Press

“I like this, very well put together, the vocals sit quite well in the mix... The lyrics are very powerful. Nice dynamics to this song as well. It kicks in right where is should, and does some great things. Fine band, and some top-notch songwriting and performances.”

Jim - MixPosure

“excellent tune! love the guitar work on here. just a great melody on them. Vocals are top notch! Definitely a solid rocker with a great edge. Band sounds tight! Well done all.”

Dazed - MixPosure

“Nice! You guys are absolutely rocking here. Vocals are right on and the music on here has that distortion that I just love! Excellent job all.”

Dazed - MixPosure

“Love music with distortion as well. Vocals are great-- and the tune kicks arse! Lots of energy-- very COOL.”

WildHoneyPie - MixPosure

“Awesome opening guitar work...kicks this track up a notch. Vocals are spot on.....love the energy !! Superbly written song... Great rocker fer sure...Excellent track.... Kudos !!”

Larry - MixPosure

“Again, another rocking tune. VOX is brilliant again.”

Gheza - MixPosure

“WOW! Killer production and voice!”

Joseph - MixPosure

“Wow! Very powerful! Good lyric and solid composition. I was very impressed with the band being tight. VOX is AWESOME. Great voice and clear in the mix. Rockin' tune!”

Gheza - MixPosure

"LaJune.. let me tell you something about this band! I recently threw a benefit show for one of my greatest friends that lost their home a few months ago and was contacted by them to play in the show. I was a bit concerned as the bands that I had already contracted were of an extreme genre, but happy to have them on the bill anyhow. LaJune came, they played their hearts out and they packed a punch for sure! Great stage presence, great music - the kind that gets you movin' and they are all just great people! I was grateful to have them on the show and hope to work with LaJune again soon!!

Tiffany Burnham Former Music Promoter and Co-Founder of Hell on Heels Legion Pre - Facebook

“Rocking, I enjoyed my listen.”

“Yikes! This rocks! Monstrous!”