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Lai-Si / Press

"Lai-Si has a talent, a force, a strength, and a heart that the world has yet to see. I've always viewed Lai-Si as a sleeping giant. I watched her grow musically and as a person with my band The Cornerstoners. She assisted in organizing the logistics of event planning with phenomenal organization skills. When in Miami as a singer everyone in the music scene wanted to record with her, she has that unique voice people's ears are not used to hearing. She has an incredible drive and dedication to get her music in the hands of people that need it and will stop at nothing to do so. She doesn't know you and she loves you, she has never met you yet she has already prayed for you. Anyone would be fortunate to work with her."

“The Cornerstoners, led humbly by MC Michelangelo and singer Lai-Si, have come and they come bearing gifts as they’ve fused Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock and Jazz and produced a style of music with the power to get you on your feet, the intellect to hold you in your heads and the wisdom to open your hearts. Their message is one of change, awareness and responsibility and they spread it openly without judgment or resentment. Love and let love.”

“There were easily 100 people crowded into the bright, colorful performance space. Heads bobbed and hands waved paper fans to cool the room, steamy with the press of bodies. The diverse audience included young, old, black, white, and Hispanic, clad in baggy urban chic, flowing hippie garb, and close-fitting hipster styles. The Cornerstoners launched into an earnest rap: "A new chapter of my life is open. I'm so focused, I'm so focused. Everybody in the house say change is good, change is good. Let's change," implored the man at the mic.”

“After their communal performance venue got shut down, it seemed The Cornerstoners, local hip-hoppers/Latin rockers with talent and energy to burn, would go the way of many a Miami band -- that is, split up and fade into oblivion, leaving fans to reminisce about them over blunts and beers. No such luck, homies. On their MySpace page, the group members boast, "We don't die; we multiply." And they've done just that by creating their own promotions groups, printing their own flyers, booking their own venues, and taking the scene into their own hands. Gotta give them props for keeping the dream alive.”