Reverb Store

Sell Merch You Create Directly to Your Fans

With the Reverb Store, you can start selling your T-shirts, MP3 downloads and more right away without any upfront costs. All the merch is created on demand so you don't have to hold any inventory. The best part? You make money on every sale — and never have to pay a dime.

Start Now for Free
We wouldn't be able to reach our rabid fanbase and create value for our band if it weren't for ReverbNation.
— Carolina Chocolate Drops

No Up-Front Costs

Your fans want to buy your merch and now there's nothing to get in the way. You don't have to put down a dime to start selling your T-Shirts, and MP3 downloads. All merchandise is created as it's ordered so there's no need for you to do anything ahead or have merch sitting on the shelves.

Order for Yourself

You can stock up on your own T-shirts and other merch to sell at gigs or festivals, or just order some for your band.

Instant Integration

Once you set up your Reverb Store, it's instantly integrated into all your ReverbNation promotional channels. It shows up on your widgets, your profile page, in your emails — everywhere.

Open a Store on Facebook

Plus, the Reverb Store can be added to any profile type using our free Facebook app called 'Store'. If you already have Band Profile, the #1 musician app on Facebook, your Reverb Store is automatically added to your profiles, which means you have your stuff for sale on Facebook in minutes, with no up front costs.