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Promote on Facebook

Now it's easy to find new fans among Facebook's 750 million users. PROMOTE IT campaigns deliver real results — Likes, Shares, downloads and fan email addresses — but are affordable, extremely simple to launch. Plus you can choose to promote a song, your Facebook page, your shows or a new release.

See how to setup a Facebook campaign in less than 90 seconds.

I think my favorite thing about the ReverbNation PROMOTE IT is that you can see things that Facebook can't show you like plays, if your music get shared, and my favorite, the indirect clicks… Pretty cool stuff that Facebook doesn't give you any insight on.
— Dan Guitar, Vocals for Peace Mercutio
ReverbNation's Promote It was a key factor in promoting new releases by both established artists like Greg Brown and developing artists such as Alessi's Ark. We were impressed and excited by the boost in our Likes, shares, and new email sign-ups, and see continued pay-off from the tool.
— Yep Roc Records

Simple and Easy Setup

Just pick a song, crop a photo, and set your budget. Then get back to what you do best: making great music and performing great shows.

We do all the rest.

Automatically Finds the Right Fans

Tell us a little about who your song sounds like and we'll not only create dozens of ads to test, we'll also find the people who are most likely to be a fan of your music.

Gets Fans to Interact

PROMOTE IT automatically creates a coordinating custom landing page that takes your ad beyond making an impression and creates an engaging and measurable experience. Bottom line? You get the outcomes you want - more plays, likes, RSVPs, email addresses plus thousands of recommendations to their friends.

Measure the REAL Impact

Wait until you see the results for your campaign. Impressions and clicks. Plays, Likes, RSVPs and emails. Plus one click access to your new fans and insight into what worked in your last campaign and what you can improve.

Promote It is an essential promotion tool for the serious musician.

Pick Your Promotion

Promote A Song
Reach NEW fans and start a buzz
Boosts: Plays, Likes, Downloads, Mailing List, Recommendations
Use it for: New singles or undiscovered great songs
Promote Your Facebook Page
Drive exposure for your Facebook Page
Boosts: Visits, Plays, Likes, Downloads, Mailing List, Recommendations
Use it for: Deeper fan engagement
Promote Your Shows
Get local music fans out to your next show
Boosts: RSVPs, Friends Inviting Friends, Ticket Sales
Use it for: Packing the house
Promote Your Release
Get the word out about your latest creation
Boosts: Awareness about New Release, Music Sales
Use it for: Turning your fans into customers