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Press Kit

Make a Great First Impression with Your ReverbNation Press Kit (RPK)

They say you've got only one chance to make a first impression; why not ensure that yours blows everyone away? With the ReverbNation Press Kit, you're sure to catch the attention of venues and promoters. At a glance they can see your photos, hear your music and even delve into your fan demographics.

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I've gotten a great response. I'm impressed with the number of gigs I've already booked with them. They look great, and I feel good having them represent me out in the world.
— Christopher Bohn

Online Press Kit Comparison

Press Kit
Standard EPK
SuperSonic EPK
Price $5.95 $6.99 $12.99
Standard Submissions Unlimited 10 / Month 25 / Month
Premium Submissions Included Addt'l Fees Apply Addt'l Fees Apply
Media Support      
Audio storage UNLIMITED 5 Songs 10 Songs
Photo storage UNLIMITED 20 images 20 images
Video support YES NO YES
High-res media photos YES NO YES (Up to 5)
Private songs YES NO NO
Show schedule YES YES YES
Press clippings YES YES YES
Customization Support      
Color customization UNLIMITED 9 themes 13 themes
Unique versions UNLIMITED 1 1
Detailed tracking YES NO YES
Fan demographics YES NO NO

RPK Features

  • Links to social network profiles
  • High-quality media photos
  • Private songs (for pre-release songs and albums)
  • Fully downloadable songs
  • Comprehensive stats on your fan demographics (Venues will LOVE this.)
  • Unlimited photos and songs
  • Intuitive, prominent music player
RPKs Legend
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