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Your Own Mobile App

Give Your Fans the Official Mobile App for Your Band

Now your fans can carry you and your music around in their pocket with your totally customizable mobile app for Android and iPhone. Once fans have your App they've got your music, your show schedule, photos and your news feed with them all the time. You can even send messages and updates to them instantly...all while on the go.

The Mobile App we made for our band on ReverbNation lets fans stream our music and a bunch of other stuff. It's awesome! Now fans can take us with them wherever they go.
— Patrick Phelan, Luego
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Streaming music.
Your App will allow your fans to listen to all of your songs — anytime, anywhere — on their mobile phones.
Photos and Videos.
Fans can check out every backstage snapshot and live video that you make available.
Tweets and news updates.
With your App, fans can stay up-to-date by checking your Twitter status and reading your latest blog posts.
Show calendar.
Your fans will always be a few finger swipes away from checking your tour dates, getting directions to shows, and even buying tickets to hear you perform.
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