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Gig Finder

Match Your Music to the Venues that Matter

Find Music Venues in Your Town, or Anywhere Else. More than 100,000 Listings.

As a Christian Band, the Gig Finder feature is invaluable. We can put in a radius and then put Church as a key word and just like that I can see a good number of all the churches in the designated radius.
— One More Soul
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Gig Finder Is Different

You can use any number of web sites to locate venues and clubs in a specific geography, but who's to say that they are going to be receptive to your genre or your capacity requirements? With Gig Finder, you can locate Venues and Clubs that have booked Artists similar to YOU!

Gig Finder let's you find opportunities based the following criteria:

  • Geography (venues in a given area)
  • Venue Name (if you know the name, we'll find it)
  • Where similar Artists to you have played (type in an Artist and we'll show you the venues they've played).
  • Similar Venues to ones you have played or you are familiar with (type in a venue name, and we'll show you a list of venues that have hosted the same Artists).