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“Reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Jack Elliott with a little bit of John Lennon mixed in for good measure, Kyle Lindley brings down home charm and youthful freshness to create a new “traditional” style of music. Drawing from his extensive knowledge of folk to create elegantly crafted songs, Lindley delivers his own unique style of lyrical poetry in motion. His powerful performances make him one of the top musicians to come out of the Wilmington music scene – certainly my favorite performer in town.”

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“Many people have nicknamed Mr. Lindley as “Woody Bob”, as his music is heavily influenced by Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie (among many others). It is refreshing to hear pure music like his in a world overrun by generic carbon copies of the same sound. In my opinion, the best part about Kyle’s music is that you can tell just by listening how much heart and soul he puts into every single note, lyric, and melody. ”

“Kyle Lindley practically redefines the label "singer/songwriter," especially when it comes to a younger generation of musicians. ”

“Although he grew up in Wilmington North Carolina and is only 24, Kyle Lindley seems to know as much about the folk scene that churned in New York's Greenwich Village and other places during the middle of the twentieth century as some who actually lived through it. Following in the path of that previous generation of folk singers may be a well worn road, but it's still a ways off today's musical interstate, and Lindley himself recognized he was taking a bit of a detour from the mainstream when he came up with the title for his debut CD - Sideways Highways. It's an album that shows he's not only intimately familiar with a bygone era, but has what it takes to keep the old scenic route alive with ten of his own originals”

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“His songwriting is poignant and crafted with elements of time and tradition. For all his youth, Kyle Lindley has covered a lot of ground, and he's sure to bring us many more stories of the people and places that continue to shape his world. ”

“Wilmington’s Lindley takes a folksy approach to music. Whether it’s blues, country or otherwise, his voice lends his songs a texture that makes them stand out. Like a cross between Bob Dylan and Jeff Tweedy, Lindley is a singer-guitarist who can make a gentle acoustic song feel like a church hymn (“King Me”) or turn a simple ballad into a travelling tune (“Tin Roof”).”

“Lindley writes in an old school folk style yet personalizes them to himself. His songs are intelligent and well crafted with solid melodies. He aims high, you can feel the reach in his songs, but he’s not shooting arrows straight up, he’s learning from the best — taking what they have to offer. His songs are open and earnest, young but with an old time feeling. ”

“Lindley comes across as somewhat shy and is soft spoken. That all changes when he has a guitar in hand and an audience out front. His voice reminds me of Paul Siebel, most famous for writing the song “Louise”. His style is loose, slightly quavering, yet confident, and always finishing the note strong. His guitar playing is also more than proficient. He plays in a blues, old folk style, with nice runs and catchy riffs.”

“From the opening notes of 'Sideways Highways' I was taken back to the Greenwich Village of the 1960's. "Tin Roof" is the opening track and it reminded me of Paul Siebel (a contemporary of Dylan...”

“It's good to see a younger generation drawing from the greats - the same I cut my teeth on years before. It's dangerous territory - but what the hell - aim high. If this is a start, that road won't go sideways, but up”

“Bluesy folk is definately Lindley's bent. "King Me" draws you in with poetic lyrics and lush production”