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Kristina Murray / Press

"Kristina Murray's honeyed vocals and bright guitar style can be deceiving on Unravelin,' especially as conduits for angry tirades and tales of all-night benders. But her vocal artistry tempers words that can feel like parodies of old-fashioned country-and-Western lyrics...But there's more to this album than a C&W ingenue simply following traditional cues. The eleven tracks reveal a vocalist and guitarist with a distinct style. Murray's spirited vocals...deliver a passion that goes deeper than simple stories about booze and breakups."

"Kristina Murray has a voice that purveyors of ‘Wal-Mart country’ would love to get their filthy, nasty hands on. But Murray’s too honky-tonk and too whiskey-soaked to be the soundtrack of the next Chevy truck commercial....the disc is classy and well arranged from start to finish. From shit-kicking country rockers to pedal steel-rich ballads, Murray follows on the cowboy booted heels of country’s classic ladies like Emmylou Harris and Tammy Wynette with grace and just a little bit of attitude."

"Honky Tonk darlin', Kristina Murray...The music is simple and not elitist, has a bouncing beat perfect for dancing...Murray nails honky-tonk music. While the album is more diverse than a tribute to honky-tonk — her sound spans Americana — one can imagine her playing in the corner of a smoky bar while dancers kick up dust and drinkers slam down shot glasses. [On] the record, she hired on a band of stellar country musicians to accompany her gorgeous-without-being-too-pretty voice...."

“The touch of Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams charge the album, alongside slight influences of classic southern rock. This isn't to say that Murray doesn't possess the originality needed to progress in the country/honky-tonk scene...quite the opposite in fact....it's her effortless, nonchalant demeanor that emanates an ironic magnetism to her listeners."”

Charlie Anderson - Scene

"Kristina Murray’s debut effort, Unravelin’, is a stellar compilation of honky-tonk country. Songs of remorse, heartache, drinking, and soul-searching accompany a full band complete with a steel guitar, fiddle, piano, electric and acoustic guitar. Unravelin’ offers southern hospitality...."

"...The honeyed vocals of an angel and the fiery temper of a devil. Both identities come through on Unravelin', a released marked by traditional country song structures and plenty of honky-tonk attitude. But Murray's skill as a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter make this record more than the simple sum of it's parts."

Denver Westword, 2013 Moover & Shaker

"The songs that make up Unravelin’ mostly blend Americana with rock inflections. The opening song, “Smoke and Brown Whiskey,” starts out with a rock-ish drum fill, while the second song, “I Can’t Recall,” is a fairly straightforward honky-tonk number, complete with clinking piano, fiddle and lyrics about drinking away heartache in a bar. “Half Empty” swings almost entirely to the opposite side: a driving, powerful guitar riff anchors the song, leaving Murray’s voice as the only thing country about it."

"...Murray has recently released a CD that is a must for all country/honky-tonk fans and I believe will establish her as the Colorado Queen of honky-tonk music."

David 'Lyons Bluesologist' McIntyre - Lyons Recorder

"Rather than coming off like a sampler of sounds and moods, it blends effectively--and sometimes spectacularly. There aren't a whole lot of artists--especially at this stage in the game--capable of Murray's lyrical and musical concepts, much less her execution of them....with the right label and management, Kristina Murray might be a name you start hearing more and more."

"Kristina Murray's...Georgia roots are still visible. Or audible, anyway. Her record, Unravelin', has an old fashioned country and Americana sound that you're not likely to hear on popular country radio."

"...Murray—a Georgia girl—rises over the Colorado plains with wings and soars above the white noise of today’s radio blandness, proving herself a songwriter in the same vein as the likes of Lucinda Williams. Unravelin’ is Murray’s first album under her own name: a self-financed, independent release of eleven original songs spanning rock n roll, honkytonk and sweet, soulful country music. Walking vocally in the path of Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and Emmylou Harris, Kristina steps out with a voice that cuts like obsidian to the bone. And it is from the marrow she writes of love, heartbreak, and loss....You will feel this album moving through you. It’s a CD I want in the car with me as I’m headed down the road, for the album conjures all the richness of americana, pulling up what lies below the surface."

"Kristina Murray has a strong feminine country-rock vibe...."

"Equipped with a natural sterling voice, a knack for interpretive lyrics and an auspicious debut, Kristina Murray joins the ranks of Colorado’s accomplished musical ambassadors. When you hear Kristina sing, you instantly realize that God does make honky tonk angels."

Dan Willging, Honky Tonk Heroes - KGNU, 88.5

"Kristina Murray has captured it all on their debut record. "Unravelin" showcases Murray's ability to establish her own sound while staying true to a traditional honky tonk/country sound. With a touch of classic rock and an army of all star players, "Unravelin" is sure to be a hit on the front range and beyond. "

Darren Radach, Founder, Owner, Head Engineer - Stout Studios

"An immediate highlight is the clear soaring, high altitude cool and confident vocals of Kristina Murray...[they] quickly grab you by the earlobes."

Michael Kenna - Pow'r Pickin'