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Kris Bell / Press

"Kris Bell is an undiscovered gem. He is an astonishing songwriter with a strong voice, and the talent that is ready to take him to the next level. Kris Bell will be one of the next big things to come out of Nashville." Tony Stone - Radio Personality/The Local Buzz Host, WBUZ-FM 102.9 Everything That Rocks, Nashville, TN

Tony Stone - Radio Personality/The Local Buzz Host, WBUZ-FM 102.9

"Kris Bell is pure American Rock ʻn Roll. You're guaranteed an amazing, electrifying show every time he and his band hit the stage. His originals are relevant and extremely radio friendly. Bell knows exactly who he is as an artist and a musician. He brings that complete package to the music industry." Courtney Matthews - Music Director/Afternoon Drive Host, WZZP-FM Z 97.5 Everything That Rocks, Clarksville,TN

Courtney Matthews - Music Director/Afternoon Drive Host, WZZP-FM Z97.5

"Forged from the fires of true Southern Rock, Kris Bell performs with white hot intensity unlike anything you have ever seen. His audience increases each time I book the band, who are always professional, and one of the hardest working groups I have ever had the pleasure to work with!" Bonnie Neves - Dungeon Promotions

Bonnie Neves - Dungeon Promotions

““Great band and musicianship, but most of all, great people!” ”

Bobby Ingram - Lead Guitarist for Molly Hatchet

“PRIMAL.FM has announced the addition of Kris Bell’s music to their playlist of amazing Rock Artists and Bands that are featured on their internet radio station and website. PRIMAL.FM provides continuous, digital quality music to enhance the workout experience. Unlike other Internet streaming radio stations, Primal.FM is the world’s premier cloud-based radio station for people who workout. PRIMAL.FM plays “Rock that builds muscle”!”

“Rock guitarist/singer/songwriter Kris Bell has secured licensing of his album, “Turn it On, Turn it Up” on Fox and Discovery networks in addition to his previous licensing with MTV. Bell comments, “I’m very thankful to Jon Delange at Tinderbox for all his hard work to secure the licensing of my album, “Turn it On, Turn it Up” for use in the many programs on both Fox and The Discovery Network!” The program list is a long one, including on The Discovery Network: Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Planet Green, TLC, Military, HD Theatre, Discovery Health, HUB, 3Net, DCL Services, Oprah’s new network “OWN,” and all future programs. The Fox Network programming license includes: FOX, FSN, Speed TV, Big-10, NFL Network, NFL Films, Versus, CSN, G4, NASCAR Media Group and ESPN. ”

“Nashville-based entertainment firm, The Lowry Agency, has officially announced the addition of and welcome guitarist/singer/songwriter Kris Bell to their client roster. "I am honored and excited to be the latest addition to The Lowry Agency roster and look forward to working together in efforts to create new opportunities and avenues for my music and career," says Bell of his relationship with The Lowry Agency. David Lowry, President of The Lowry Agency remarked, "The Lowry Agency is very excited to bring a straight ahead, American rock act in Kris Bell to the public. Kris is a highly energetic, engaging and exciting performer. We are proud to have him as part of the family!"”

“Kris Bell Snags Music City Mayhem Award! All those years of playing guitar have paid off for Nashville rock artist Kris Bell, who walked away with the award for Best Rock Guitar at the Music City Mayhem Awards. The first annual award show was held Saturday April 9 at the Rutledge in Nashville. Dungeon Promotions put on the event to honor Nashville’s rock and heavy metal artists. Bell was nominated for four awards in the rock category: Best Male Vocal, Best Guitar, Best Live Band and Best Song for Livin’ for Tomorrow. “To walk away with the award for best guitar was humbling. I’ve been playing guitar since I was seven and to get recognition for something I love to do was awesome,” says Bell. “I was in a tough category with some amazing guitarists, so just to be nominated felt great.” ”

“NASHVILLE ROCK'S BAND OF THE YEAR! Kris Bell and his band got my attention last year in November at Rockbar. They started off the set with my favorite song of all time, “Gimme Shelter” by the Stones, and as he and the band went through some more of my favorite songs and some great originals, I was hooked. With John Cooper on bass, Bryan Denton on guitar, and Shane Sexton on the drums, this is one of the best bands playing around Nashville. If you haven’t got a copy of “Turn it On, Turn It Up”, your collection is sorely missing. You can argue that there are some really great bands here in Nashville, but sorry, this one is my favorite and no, you can’t change my mind!”

“Nashville transplant Kris Bell and the boys put forth a thundering set that combined the flavors of Lynyrd Skynyrd, a pinch of Stevie Ray, a dash of Creed, and a healthy dose of the intangible which is purely Kris Bell Band “American Rock”!”

“Rock is alive and well and can be found in abundance on Kris Bell’s new album, Turn It On, Turn It Up...Starting things off with the amps cranked up is “Livin’ for Tomorrow,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album. Bell declares on the fast-paced opening song. From this moment on, listeners are given ample warning to expect plenty of catchy hooks, sing-a-long choruses and copious guitar solos. Throughout the record, Bell mixes modern, alternative and Southern rock to create his own American rock style.”

““Wow is all I can say. He has passion, something you don’t see in every entertainer. I just can’t say enough good things about him. There were so many people who came up to me after his set and told me how great he was, as if a spell had been cast upon us. Now that’s talent!” ”

““Bell has all the right moves onstage, commanding the audience’s attention and rewarding his onlookers with vocal anthems and solos which move to the fore, yet coalesce ever so well with the whole of the song. A combination of contemporary rock and Southern twang, Bell reinforced his credentials as a genuine rock talent.” ”

““…Kris Bell and his band put on a hard charging, get off your ass, shake that stage till it drops kind of set, they also covered the Allman Brothers, “Whipping Post” which got the crowd into a real frenzy. I loved the show and can’t wait till Saturday when he plays an acoustic set for us, should be interesting, he is very talented…””

"Captivating and powerful Rock...A bold mix of rock, ballads, and contemporary music"

Redding Record Searchlight

“The music Kris is producing is hauntingly beautiful, soulful and leaves the listener wanting to hear more.”

“Austin was hot, but no one even felt the heat, unless it was what was coming off that stage.”

“Kris Bell showed he is no lightweight in the guitar division as he stood next to Rossington and Evans of Lynyrd Skynyrd and looked and sounded as if he'd been playing with that band his entire life...”

“With his intense stage presence and soulful, dynamic guitar work, Bell became one of San Diego's most talked about performers and has been compared to legends such as Jimi Hendrix and has even been called "the next generation Eric Clapton"”

Alabama Alive Magazine

“..Bell just lets it all out when he hits the bridge into his lead, arching his back and standing on his toes, with his guitar pointing to the sky... ”

“...Bell's pounding rhythms and leads are intense and breathtaking...”