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KreApR / Press

“Brandon “Satanhammer” Taylor of Memphis, Tennessee has never been considered the brightest among his peers, but the fire he sparked late last night will have an impact for years to come. Trying to mimic his heroes of the early Norwegian black metal music scene, Taylor decided to burn Church’s. Not churches, mind you, but Church’s… the fried chicken restaurant. The act will likely land him in prison for many years, but no doubt he will feel martyred. Taylor was quoted as telling some friends that he intends to be as “reviled as Kristian Vikernes (alleged musician for a band called Burzum) and as worshipped as Oystein Aarseth (inventor of the cotton gin).” After sending letters to “false, non-evil” local metal bands like A Shogun Named Marcus and Kreapr accusing them of being pretenders and eventual goat food, Taylor was court ordered to stay away from several Memphis concert venues. Most people blame his anger on not being hired as the guitarist for Pengea”

“Now let me discuss when things took a sharp, but fun left turn. "We all knew the metal was coming. Most of us were prepared for the worst.What happened was a shock.A band of large men in masks and leather hit the stage– and there wasn’t a mass exodus, not even when the screaming began.That band was Kreapr and they were the only band to perform that featured a stage show. As the smoke mixed with the screams, it became obvious the crowd liked what they saw, or they couldn’t turn away.Off the stage, the guys in this metal band were fun-loving guys who take their music seriously."”