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Krazy Race / Press

“Krazy Race: The International Project, You will want to listen to this cd over and over again. There is so much going on from complex and unique musical production to great metaphors and stories that you will want to continuously “rewind” songs. The cd is not only enjoyable; it is important. This is the type of music true hip hop headz are looking for. It is only the independent and underground who are providing us with the musical sustenance that headz and hip hop require in order to survive.”

Pancho McFarland - Author & Associate Professor @ Chicago State University

"Krazy Race is in a league of his own. Powerful performer with true lyricism, hip hops missing link"

Dobleache - Hip Hop Nation Magazine (Madrid, Spain)

"Krazy Race, he's been pounding out the West Coast pavement for years"

Chino XL of Rebel Arms - Chino XL

"A Devoted MC who is always on the move representing his city and community-from small community shows, to a concert in Spain. Krazy Race is there on time and on point with his performance."

Ozsie T. - LaUnion1910.Com

"Keep Spittin The Truth"

Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm - Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm

"It don't get no iller than this; Real Street music, no frontin."

JDubs - JDubs of Latino 96.3

"Hacer amigos pateando culos"! "Mark Ramirez a.k.a Krazy Race acaba de entrar a formar parte de mi imaginario artistico, mas coherente. New World Games es la causa. Respeto, y solidaridad, combate, y la cabeza bien fria. Sentir Chicano."

Rafa A. Torres - Zona De Obras (Spain)

"Keep that ish movin Krazy Race, your a tru soldier from the West Coast"

DJ Tony G. OG 1580 KDAY Mixmaster - DJ Tony G. OG 1580 KDAY Mixmaster

“***** 5 Stars for Krazy Race's sophmore album: The Movement: Strength in Numbers is boulevard worthy!”

Editor - Hoodtimes Magazine

"Those looking for some killa tracks, that...in your veins drum twist sounds, this album Chronicles of a Krazy Race has it, that's what makes it a street essential"

"His revelation, his knowledge of our spheres direction is without a doubt crystallize in his verbal acid, f**k a history book all those with young ones that let them listen to all that commercial sodapop music, should wrap some head-phones over your little ones and bring a new balance to their state of mind and maybe yours also"

"A familiar voice for our culture, you can't question him, he's paid his dues, his mind frames are sharp, he represents those banging back the system, his dialogue is essential to any revolutionary soldado, any motherf**ker done with believing in the system need to listen to the Chronicles"