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KPT / Press

“A thickly textured & grittily timbred cut of industrial murk. Muffled beats accompany the sound of a distressed woman muttering to god knows who. It’s highly atmospheric & rife with tension from end to end.”

“The track opens like a movie, with a continued sense of urgency throughout. Sporadic breathing & precisely placed sounds (cymbals, rolling snares, etc.) add to the anticipation that builds so persistently. Dark, yet full of energy, I can imagine this playing in the background of a high octane scene in Breaking Bad or Dexter.”

“A mixture of EDM & industrial power. Trappy snares ride over squelching synths before a booming bass chorus that builds to a brilliant shriek. It’s the restrained vocals that, in some ways, make this seem like the spiritual offspring of NIN.”

“Featuring four richly cinematic electronica tracks with grinding basslines & futuristic vocals, the EP further proves that the Minneapolis-based producers are among the most innovative acts in EDM.”

"Offers dark, hypnotic electronics that are a far cry from more commercial EDM. An example of how styles like EDM can perfectly crossover to other scenes like dark wave. Recommended!"

"KPT is brilliant. Amazing production, instrumentation & song construction. Right on par with the climate of today's music industry. Being polished & extreme creativity has earned him a spot on our 360 Watch List."

"This track is a cracking composition of chunky beats & glitch intensified by his unique musical dramatics & vibrant touch. A chance for you to get your hands on a solid piece of work from one of the most exciting new artists we have encountered over the past 12 months."

"His music, at once sparse & complex, has a distinct element of unpredictability. It's professional, polished, fresh & just the right amount of weird."

"Exciting new kid on the block with his own brand of dark, hypnotic electronica that really bowled us over. This is not techno, it’s not minimal, why put a label on it...we think it’s as fresh & innovative as they come."

"KPT’s new track, “Aim”, is actually quite beautiful. Trance-y & hypnotic, this is the sort of electronic music that you don’t have to be an attendee of Movement to enjoy. This could be the score to a Lynch movie. It’s dark yet relaxing. Love it."

"Awesome euphoric tune. Full support from DJ ESP."