K Phillips & The Concho Pearls / Press

““Earthy, eerie, evocative, sultry, moody, and funky. A celestial first album from K. Phillips.””

Jessie Scott - Music Fog

““Remember the classic roots-rock days of Leon Russell, J.J. Cale, early '70s Clapton? Well, this 27-year old West Texas singer/songwriter has distilled that music into his own intoxicating brew.””

Culture Catch

““The basic building block is Americana, but the arrangements and songwriting lean heavily on blues, Southern funk, and R&B…gritty, slightly degenerate tales of love and lust. ‘Get It’ has a sinister R&B groove and oozes with illicit sexuality and ‘Does It Hold Water’ channels the churning soul of an early Stax hit.””

J. Poet - Lone Star Music

““American Girls is not a tribute to apple-cheeked Miss America candidates. The females he’s dealing with here are among deadliest of the species…”I will kill your boyfriend if he shows up here,” he promises on Rambler, which sounds like an outtake from Exiled on Main Street….and  “Sheriff’s Wife” is as dark a piece as Steve Earle ever drug up out of the backwoods.” Grant Britt, No Depression”

Grant Britt - No Depression

“Though "K" doesn't stand for keys, the piano keys burn under his fingertips so naturally that it seems innate"”

Amanda Hensel - Hill Country Sun

"Seguin’s answer to “Astral Weeks.”

“Phillips is a poet, singer, songwriter, guitarist, harmonica honker and keyboard player who fronts a Seguin/New Braunfels aggregation that often includes other band leaders such as Keegan Reed. Phillips' between-songs poetry might cause a listener to squirm now and then, but when he and the band launch into their original songs, the squirming stops. Phillips and company have a rock/Americana sound that features Phillips' often thought-provoking lyrics wrapped with music that's much different from that of his Texas Music peers. Keep an ear out for Phillips because the kid has something going on. This gig will be recorded for an upcoming CD.”