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KP and the Boom Boom / Press

“Priestley’s dancing, Wong’s jumping — in sync to the bass line — and Trowbridge’s switches between three or four instruments during a single song keep audience members on their feet, even prompting strangers to dance with one another. “We make people have a good time. They feel our music, it’s all about the heart and the soul,” Priestley says.”

“Towards the end of the set lead singer Kate joked that it was time “To fluff up my afro so we can get down” and get down is what they did. The band finished off with some funky disco inspired music that captivated even the most stagnant souls in the room.”

“'I was significantly impressed with their presence and performance. KP is a dynamic frontwoman, and the music is almost impossible to stand still to.'”

"Bands are a dime a dozen in the Live Music Capital and many don't realize much success right away. But this six-piece ensemble seems to have found the right mix of talent and personality, and it all happened with serendipity."