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Kosmic Evolution / Press

"A new era of vibrantly modern psychedelic Oneness music celebrating a coming Golden Age. Recognised worldwide. Incredible music, incredible talent, in an incredible time of Galactic Alignment & the Aquarian Age as we transform into Beings of Light. "

“You guys have totally Inspired, and Enlightened so many with such Beauty and Love! Completely Amazing in every way. You two are truly the Multidimensional Empowering Embodiment of Twin Flame Truth, Love, Energy and Passion. You've given so many Hope and showed as Interstellar Cosmic Role Models, that True Love exists if you work hard, Love what you do, follow your Heart, Bliss, and live in a place of Peace, Truth, Love, Gratitude, Communion and Balance with your Higher Selves and all Beings. You've sparked in all of Humanity that all things are possible and that Love transcends all barriers of space and time. You've exquisitely raised global consciousness to heightened levels of Love and Light with your Music, Love, seminars and deep insightful knowledge. You truly are way showers, who have Lighted the path and Illuminated the way for the dawning of this Magnificent, Beautiful, Transcendental Golden Age! Namaste, truth, love and light!”

Axavier Jackson - Axavier Jackson

"I love you both with all my being, and am in the profoundest love with the musical singles, videos, graphical artwork, and albums that you create. In just a few years, you have achieved what very few bands could do, as it usually takes classic bands about 10 years or more to become so iconic. The latter itself is just AMAZING! I play your work alongside Depeche Mode, Enigma, Enya, Madonna, and several other icons, and for you to be included in a playlist with these iconic names is all that one needs, to prove that Kosmic Evolution is LEGENDARY. Bart and Jody are eternal beauty, art, music, science, spirituality, inspiration, intelligence, and catalysts of the highest spiritual awakening and ascension. The music industry--as well as humanity on a personal level--individually and collectively requested, from a fundamentally spiritual state and place of consciousness, that Source/God/Creator manifest such beautiful beings who generate and share their divine music. HERE THEY ARE!

Alvin Adhin ~ Songwriter and Author, California - Alvin Adhin ~ Songwriter and Author, California

“Keep shining and spreading your Light dear ones Kosmic Evolution! Your Light and your music is so bright that, even in the darkest corner of someone in need, it ignites a flame of inspiration and hope. Love you both beautiful universal hearts.”

Angie Karan Krezos - Angie Karan Krezos

"Such an amazing album (MASTERS OF OUR DESTINY)! So deep, real and heart felt. so very unique and positive unlike anything I've ever heard and exactly what I needed to hear. I'm in awe at how much I can feel from your music and all the love that emanates from you two. your music is truly a gift from the universe. all the lush, rich and full sound you have in this album is so beautiful it really lifted my spirit and heart. thank you so much for such positive and inspiring music! I listened to it so much last night it felt like soul food and plan on listening to it many times today. <3 Peace n Love ~Axe"

Axavier Jackson - Axavier Jackson