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Kobra and the Lotus / Press

“High Priestess 5 Stars! An excellent third album from Kobra and the Lotus showing how their music has matured in just a couple of years. Overall a very solid album with some superb new tracks that will give existing fans a treat while also introducing new listeners to the band.”

“Kobra and the Lotus' Kobra Paige Calls Touring with KISS and Def Leppard "Insane!"”

“...imagine my surprise when her powerful voice was released as a feisty but controlled metal vocal along the lines of Doro Pesche... but better! The notes Paige reached with ease were mind-blowing...”

Room Thirteen

“Kobra and the Lotus second self titled album is a fire-breathing, female-fronted heavy metal bombshell.Classic, Priest-loving riffs. Powerhouse drummer. Singer who can belt the Halfordian high-notes ... these Canadian headbangers can't return soon enough for us."”

Classic Rock Magazine

“Most under rated album for 2010, Kobra and The Lotus – Out of The Pit The album only hints at the talent in this band. The songs are there, raw but maidenesque. Kobra Paige has an incredible set of pipes”

"As long as you stay true to yourself and know who you are, it doesn’t even matter what people say. All I can do is keep creating and putting the work out there."

"Do unto others as they would do unto you. In other words, practice life and work with good intentions because what comes around goes around and hard work pays off! A tip for our brothers and sisters out there playing in bands, network the hell out of this industry because it changes your world when you start to form relationships with the right people!"

“KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - How To Build An Iron Maiden "In a surprise move producer Kevin Shirley, known for his work with Dream Theater and in particular Iron Maiden, agreed to take on Kobra And The Lotus ..."”

“Unlike many small-time local bands, these guys understand what a concert should be about - 50% music and 50% show, not just playing the most technical riff-raff while staring at the fret boards.”

“I decided to sit down with the band before their performance opening for Stratovarius to learn a few things about what is undoubtedly going to be a big name in Canadian metal. ”

“The whole band is one pile of rockin' hotness and to me that equals star power.”